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IPAC Report Archive

The Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict (IPAC) was founded in 2013 on the principle that accurate analysis is a critical first step toward preventing violent conflict. Here you will find an archive of their reports related to Southeast Asia.

IPAC Short Briefing No.1
IPAC Report Short Briefing No: 2
IPAC Report No: 61
IPAC Report No: 62
IPAC Report No: 63
IPAC Short Briefing No.3: COVID-19
IPAC Report 60: Numbers Matter: The 2020 Census and Conflict in Papua
IPAC Report 59: Indonesia: Urgent Need for a Policy on Repatriation of Pro-ISIS Nationals from Syria
IPAC Report 58: Indonesian Islamists and Post-Election Protests in Jakarta
IPAC Report 57: Explaining Indonesia’s Silence on the Uyghur Issue
IPAC Report 56: The Ongoing Problem of Pro-ISIS Cells in Indonesia
IPAC Report 55: Anti-Ahok To Anti-Jokowi: Islamist Influence on Indonesia’s 2019 Election Campaign
IPAC Report 54: The Jolo Bombing and the Legacy of ISIS in the Philippines
IPAC Report 53: Protecting the Sulu-Sulawesi Seas from Abu Sayyaf Attacks
IPAC Report 52: Puritan Political Engagement: The Evolution of Salafism in Malaysia
IPAC Report 51: The Surabaya Bombings and the Future of ISIS in Indonesia
IPAC Report 50: Update on Local Election Results in West Kalimantan and Papua
IPAC Report 49: Releases of Indonesian Extremists
IPAC Report 48: Indonesia and the Tech Giants vs ISIS Supporters
IPAC Report 47: Managing Indonesia’s Pro-ISIS Deportees
IPAC Report 46: Indonesia and the Rohingya Crisis
IPAC Report 45: The 2018 Local Elections in Papua: Places and Issues to Watch
IPAC Report 43: The West Kalimantan Election and the Impact of the Anti-Ahok Campaign
IPAC Report 42: Extremists in Bandung: Darul Islam to ISIS – And Back Again?
New IPAC Report: Post-Marawi Lessons From Philippine Detainees
IPAC Report 37: How Southeast Asian and Bangladeshi Extremism Intersect
IPAC Report 36: The Re-emergence of Jemaah Islamiyah
IPAC Report 35: Mothers to Bombers: The Evolution of Indonesian Women Extremists
IPAC Report 34: Update on Indonesian Pro-ISIS Prisoners and Deradicalisation Efforts
IPAC Report 33: Pro-Isis Groups in Mindanao and Their Links to Indonesia and Malaysia
IPAC Report 32: The Anti-Salafi Campaign in Aceh
IPAC Report 31: Anatomy of an Indonesian Oil Palm Conflict
IPAC Report 30: The Failed Solo Suicide Bombing and Bahrun Naim’s Network
IPAC: Rebuilding – Lessons from Papua
IPAC: ISIS in Ambon
IPAC: The Anti-Shi’a Movement in Indonesia
IPAC: Indonesian ISIS Supporters