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Please note that in light of the unpredictable developments of the COVID-19 Pandemic, all events, conferences, and workshops are subject to change. Please check with the organizers for the latest updates.

Upcoming Conferences

UCB-UCLA Southeast Asian Studies Conference | April 14-15, 2023

Southeast Asia’s past, present, and future is shaped by its situation as a nexus of networks that has sent a complex array of people, ideas, and products along with their various ways of knowing and being across the globe. These movements have resulted in new developments of knowledge and interconnection. This conference will focus on such notions of knowledge and networks in a Southeast Asian context, broadly understood as (but not limited to) cultural interactions, diaspora, migration, digital networks and social media, social and political movements, trade, collaboration and exchange, and knowledge production.
For more info, please visit the conference’s page [new window]

34th Annual Asian Studies Graduate Student Conference | April 27-28, 2023

The 34th annual Asian Studies Graduate Student Conference, held in-person at the Center for Korean Studies on the UHM campus in Honolulu, Hawai‘i, on April 27–28, 2023. 
For registration, visit the conference registration page [new window]

Call For Papers

CFP: Conference “Vernacular Buddhism in Asia and Europe” | Deadline: Feb 15, 2023

The conference “Vernacular Buddhism in Asia and Europe” will take place May 4-6, 2023 in University of Tartu. Our conference invites you to look at the rich diversity of Buddhism from geographical, chronological, textual, contextual, structural, cultural, ritual, social, philosophical and pragmatic perspectives. We encourage topics that focus on Asian and also European and Western regions, taken separately or in comparison.
The deadline for applications and an abstract (250-300 words) is February 15, 2023, using e-mails:
For more info, please visit the conference page [new window]

CFP: Indonesia Council Open Conference 2023 | Deadline: Feb 15, 2023

The Sydney Southeast Asia Centre at the University of Sydney and Humanitarian and Development Studies at Western Sydney University are proud to host the Indonesia Council Open Conference 2023. This conference brings together academics and postgraduate researchers from across the disciplines with an interest in Indonesia, and is open to scholars, students and community members interested in engaging with cutting-edge research.
The theme for ICOC 2023 is Indonesia 25 Years On. In 2023, we mark a quarter-century of Indonesia’s abrupt rejection of authoritarianism following the resignation of Suharto in May 1998 after millions took to the streets in protest against the economic and social chaos that accompanied the Asian financial crisis of the previous year. But what does Indonesia look like now?
We invite abstract submissions from any disciplines for individual papers, panels and roundtable discussions that reflect on one or more of the myriad facets of life in today’s Indonesia, how Indonesia got there, and where it might go next.
For more info, please visit the conference page [new window]

CFP: 2023 Cultural Studies Association (CSA) Annual Conference | Deadline Extended: Feb 17, 2023

The Cultural Studies Association (CSA) invites proposals for participation in its twenty-first annual hybrid meeting. Proposals on all topics relevant to cultural studies will be considered, with priority given to those that engage this year’s theme of “Conclusions.”
From the fall of nations to global health crises, those in power have long claimed the right to define or declare conclusions: the end of history, of race, of truth, of colonialism, of slavery, of stagnation, of democracy, of an epoch, of the world. Critical scholars and marginalized communities from around the globe, in turn, have prudently treated the purpose of declared conclusions with warranted suspicion – are they meant to warn, to assuage, to control, to prevent other “ends” or endings?
What even are conclusions? Do events or processes ever really have a definite stopping point or is the conclusion just a means of compartmentalizing everything that is still left to be studied, debated, and decided? Is the conclusion a way of marking a definable moment of progress or death? Is the conclusion the best, most effectual way to allow something to be forgotten or ignored? Why do we feel that conclusions are necessary? Can we conceive of a perspective of history or of society without conclusions to mark the way? Do we want to?
For more info, please visit the conference page [new window]

CFP: Consuming Asia: Systems and Structures of Consumption in Modern and Contemporary Asia, University of Bergen | Deadline: Feb 17, 2023

The Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS), the Network for Asian Studies (Asianettverket), the University of Bergen, and the Christian Michelsen Institute invite panel proposals for this conference as well as applications for the associated PhD workshop. See their website for details.

First Regional SE Asian Urbanisms conference to address Global Warming| Deadline: Feb 28, 2023

The conference will address the particularities of contemporary Southeast Asian urbanism at a moment when massive urban growth, shifts in productivity and a frantic rush to “modernization” threaten to homogenize territories and their settlement systems. Abstracts are to be submitted via the following link: (please create an individual account in order to submit). See their website for details.

CFP: International conference “Mainland ASEAN countries in regional integration processes: modern challenges and development prospects”, Center for Vietnam and ASEAN Studies of Russian Academy of Sciences | Deadline: Mar 15, 2023

On May 17-18, 2023, the Center for Vietnam and ASEAN Studies within the Institute of China and contemporary Asia, the Russian Academy of Sciences (ICCA RAS), organizes an international conference “Mainland ASEAN countries in regional integration processes: modern challenges and development prospects”.
The conference’s discussion is aimed to focus on the reasons and motives for sub-regional cooperation of the ASEAN mainland countries among themselves and with the other members of the Association, on this basis to assess the implementation of internal and external development goals, the socio-economic situation, the process of integrating the CLMV quartet into the ASEAN community, cooperation with extra-regional dialogue partners and donors (China, India, Japan, South Korea, Australia, USA, etc.), the goals and means of interaction of the latter with the countries of the peninsula. It is also proposed to highlight important historical milestones and cultural aspects.
For more info, please visit the conference page [new window]

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