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Filipino Language and Culture

The links below provide you with material you can use in the classroom or for after school activities. If you would like to learn more about the Filipino Language and Culture Program, please contact Dr. Pia Arboleda ( 

Pamana ng lahi (2021) Workshop

This 3-week workshop aimed to underscore the value of traditional knowledge, discuss aspects of Philippine culture and folklore, teach introductory Filipino (Tagalog) and hone critical thinking skills. The workshop included interactive and creative activities using stories from folklore and bilingual multimedia materials. Learn more.

Ub-ufok Ad Fiallig: Tales of Enchantment from Barlig, Philippines Educational Materials

Barlig is a remote town in Mountain Province, Northern Philippines. The written word did not reach the Ifiallig (the people of Barlig) until the early 20th century. Read more.

Old Kiyyangan Village Teacher’s Archaeology Manual (2018)

The purpose is to provide teachers with an overview of the archaeological findings of the Old Kiyyangan Village, and instructional guidelines for teaching early Ifugao history through archaeology in elementary school. Read more


This K-12 Curriculum for Teachers and Students focuses on Filipinos and their intimate relationship with the sea, but the concepts covered in the lesson plans are universal.

Learn more about this curriculum, go here

Indonesian Culture and Performance

Over the years, the Center has worked to develop or help fund Southeast Asian-style performance productions and related educational outreach materials.

The links below provide you with audio-visual material you can use in the classroom, for after-school activities, or as inspiration for your own shadow puppetry project with students. If you would like to schedule a visit to your school for a workshop or lecture demonstration, please contact Dr. Kirstin Pauka ( for more information. 

Jaga Alam (2021-2022) Educational Resources

Jaga Alam​ means “taking care of nature”. It is a performance-based environmental education program featuring Balinese folk tales, shadow puppetry, and dance.

Lutung the Messenger | Length: 25:04

Gamelan Teaser | Length: 3:21. To request the access to the full video, go here

Pedanda Baka – The Pond Prankster

wayang shadow puppetry play based on a traditional Balinese childrenʻs fable about a mischievous stork. The play deals with environmental issues such as water scarcity, rising temperatures, and habitat loss. For K-12 audiences.

Length: 22:00

balinese shadow puppet

Wayang Listrik (2020) Educational Resources

Wayang Listrik is a modern Balinese theatre genre based on traditional shadow puppetry (wayang kulit) with accompanying dance and music, all transferred to a large 30 x 15 foot screen. Learn more.

The Last King of Bali (2020) Video Resources

Balinese folk tale told through large scale shadow puppetry, dance, and gamelan music. With behind-the-scenes footage.

Length: 1:38:13

Battle of the Monkey Kings (2016) Video Resources_Full Performance

Based on episodes from the Indian epic the Mahabharata, this Balinese shadow theatre production centers on the conflict between two monkey generals, Subali and Sugriwa, and their competition for power, love, and loyalty. The show features large-scale shadow puppetry, dance, live gamelan music, shadow actors, and special lighting effects. Length: 1:33:40

Battle of the Monkey Kings (2016) Video Resources_Documentary

This documentary follows the artistic team through an intensive 8-month training and rehearsal process for the production of Subali-Sugriwa: Battle of the Monkey Kings.  It includes interviews with Balinese master artists, cast members, designers, and the production team. It provides rare, behind-the-scenes footage and highlights various aspects of the creative process. 

Length: 1:17:44

Battle of the Monkey Kings (2016) Video Resources_Show Highlights

A 20-minute highlight video from the show. Length: 20:12

The Genteel Sabai (2012) Video Resource_Show Highlights

Folk tale from West Sumatra with strong female characters told through dance-drama, featuring martial arts, dance, music, and amazing pants-slapping percussion.

Length: 5:41

A Balinese Tempest (2008) Video Resource_Full Show

Balinese large-scale shadow puppetry adapted to tell Shakespeareʻs The Tempest. With live gamelan music, dance, and shadow actors.

Length: 1:23:56

Luck and Loss: Manandin’s Gamble (2005) Video Resource_Show Highlights

Romantic folk tale from West Sumatra told through dance-drama, featuring martial arts, dance, and music.

Length: 4:20

Filipino Resources

Filipino Cuisine Webinar

Pinoy Food Stories: Evolution of Philippine Cuisine

This online short course is a collaboration between Mama Sita Foundation, UH’s Dr. Pia Arboleda and the UH Filipino and Philippine Culture Program. It brings to the fore the evolution of Filipino cuisine flavors throughout history and sheds light on food culture in order to generate appreciation for what we have today, and hope to hold for the future.

Guidelines and Resources for Southeast Asian languages taught at UHM






Religion & Diversity Initiative

PEMSEA (with UCLA and University of Washington)

UHM is part of a collaboration, led by UCLA and including University of Washington, to establish the Program for Early Modern Southeast Asia (PEMSEA), an interdisciplinary project to support new scholarship on the environment, economy, and social worlds of Early Modern Southeast Asia. 

CTPILS and Intangible Heritage Project (with National ChengChi University)

UHM also partners with the National Chengchi University’s Kuan Da-Wei and Courtney Work (Department of Ethnology) on two projects: 

(1) The Science and Technology Innovation Center for Taiwan-Philippines Indigenous Knowledge, Local Knowledge and Sustainable Studies (CTPILS) was set up to promote cross-national indigenous knowledge between Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries. 

(2) The Intangible Heritage Project focuses on mapping heritage sites among indigenous Cambodian groups.

We are grateful to the support of our community partner Arts Focus Southeast Asia (501c3 non-profit).

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