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Pamana ng Lahi

Workshop on Philippine Language and Culture for High School Students

Pamana is the Filipino word for heritage; lahi means race or people. Pamana ng lahi speaks of the things that our ancestors bequeath to us—their language, ancient knowledge, and cultural traditions. This is a 3-week workshop that consists of 15 2-hour modules. It aims to underscore the value of traditional knowledge, discuss aspects of Philippine culture and folklore, teach introductory Filipino (Tagalog) and hone critical thinking skills. The workshop includes interactive and creative activities using stories from folklore and bilingual multimedia materials. Students will be given a general introduction to Philippine history, language and culture.


Date Title
June 24
Module 1: The 7,100 Islands of the Philippines:
Sari-saring Salita, Sari-saring Saya
June 25
Module 2: The Story of the Philippine Language:
Ang Kasaysayan ng Ating Wika
June 26
Module 3: My Family:
Ang Aking Pamilya
June 27
Module 4: Numbers, Dates and Time:
Bilang, Petsa at Oras
June 28
Module 5: My Vacation:
Ang Bakasyon Ko
July 1
Module 6: People and our Land:
Ang Ating Lahi at Lupa
July 2
Module 7: Philippine Traditional Tattoos and Motifs:
Mga Tradisyonal na Batek at Disenyo
July 3
Module 8: Myth and Spirituality:
Mga Espiritwal na Paniniwala
July 5
Module 9: Lower Mythology:
Aswang, Kapre at Ibang Pang mga Mahihiwagang Nilalang
Module 10: Sharpening Your Senses, Exploring the World of Color:
Ang Aking Pandamal, Ang Mundo ng Kulay
July 8
Module 11: Philippine Food:
Sama-sama Magsalu-salo
July 9
Module 12: Come on a Journey with Us:
Halika, Biyahe Tayo
July 10
Module 13: Philippine Music:
Mga Awit at Instrumento
July 11
Module 14: Tales of Valor:
Mga Epiko ng Pilipinas
July 12
Module 15: Culminating Activity