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The Center for Southeast Asian Studies > Fall 2021 Southeast Asia Course List

Fall 2021 Southeast Asia Course List

Gen   Ed/FocusCRNCourseSectionTitleCreditsInstructorDaysTimeRoom
American Studies (AMST)
C1986994AMST 683001Museums: Theory, Hist, Practice3K K KosasaW0330-0600pONLINE
H1983756AMST 6841Museums and Collections3K K KosasaM1230-0300pONLINE
80697AMST 6861Museum Studies Practicum
     Restriction: Instructor Approval
Anthropology (ANTH)
FGB,H1983979ANTH 152007Culture and Humanity3J E PadweTBATBAONLINE
W1230-0120pWEB 104
FGB,H1983980ANTH 152008Culture and Humanity3J E PadweTBATBAONLINE
W0130-0220pMIL 2
FGB,H1983981ANTH 152009Culture and Humanity3J E PadweTBATBAONLINE
F1230-0120pKUY 209
FGB,H1982164ANTH 152010Culture and Humanity3J E PadweTBATBAONLINE
F0130-0220pKUY 209
FGB,H1982166ANTH 152011Culture and Humanity3J E PadweTBATBAONLINE
F1030-1120aKUY 209
FGB,H1982167ANTH 152012Culture and Humanity3J E PadweTBATBAONLINE
F1130-1220pKUY 209
C19,DS87488ANTH 231001Anthropology of Love3M T StarkMWF1130-1220pONLINE
DS,ETH87491ANTH 335001Society and Environment3J E PadweTR1200-0115pCR 105
Arabic (ARAB)
HSL87856ARAB 101001Elem Modern Standard Arabic4A A MirzaMW0930-1120aBIOMD T208
Art (ART)
C19,FGA87225ART 175001Survey of Global Art I3P A LavyMW1030-1120aONLINE
C19,FGA87227ART 175002Survey of Global Art I3P A LavyMW1030-1120aONLINE
C19,FGA87228ART 175003Survey of Global Art I3P A LavyMW1030-1120aONLINE
C19,FGA87229ART 175004Survey of Global Art I3P A LavyMW1030-1120aONLINE
C19,FGA87230ART 175005Survey of Global Art I3P A LavyMW1030-1120aONLINE
C19,FGA87221ART 175006Survey of Global Art I3P A LavyMW0930-1020aONLINE
C19,FGA87222ART 175007Survey of Global Art I3P A LavyMW0930-1020aONLINE
C19,FGA87223ART 175008Survey of Global Art I3P A LavyMW0930-1020aONLINE
C19,FGA87224ART 175009Survey of Global Art I3P A LavyMW0930-1020aONLINE
DH,H19,WI87540ART 492001Hindu Visual Culture
(Instructor will divide students into groups, to rotate in person and scheduled online participation)
3P A LavyMWF1230-0120pART 101
Asian Studies (ASAN)
C1988030ASAN 120001Climate Change in Asia3P N AbinalesMWF0130-0220pONLINE
DH87204ASAN 202001Intr Asian Studies: S/SE Asia3B AndayaTBATBAONLINE
DH,TXT078882ASAN 310001Studying Asia Culturally3A M StirrTR1200-0115pONLINE
C19,DH,TXT0,WI86132ASAN 406001Modern Philippines3M A LanzonaTBATBAONLINE
C19,DH,ETH,HAP,TXT084412ASAN 407001Peace Process Philippines & HI3F MagdalenaTR0500-0615pONLINE
C19,DS88031ASAN 484001Political Violence in SE Asia3P N AbinalesR0530-0800pONLINE
78896ASAN 600S001Approaches: Southeast Asia3B AndayaW0230-0500pMOORE 120
88027ASAN 627001Ethnic Nationalism in Asia3C H ClaytonR0230-0500pMOORE 102
88028ASAN 627002Ethnic Nationalism in Asia3C H ClaytonR0230-0500pONLINE
Cambodian (CAM)
87857CAM 1031Conversing in Khmer I2C Sak-HumphryTBATBAONLINE
87858CAM 1041Conversing in Khmer II2C Sak-HumphryTBATBAONLINE
87859CAM 1051Reading/Writing Khmer2C Sak-HumphryTBATBAONLINE
NI87860CAM 2031Cambodian Folktales I2C Sak-HumphryTBATBAONLINE
NI87861CAM 2051Second Year Khmer I2C Sak-HumphryTBATBAONLINE
87862CAM 3051Third Year Khmer I2C Sak-HumphryTBATBAONLINE
Dance (DNCE)_  All courses will be cancelled if in person is not possible.
DA88421DNCE 107001Intro to Philippine Dance1TBAW0530-0720pMB 118
A88422DNCE 307001Philippine Dance I1TBAW0530-0720pMB 118
DA88423DNCE 407001Philippine Dance II1TBAW0530-0720pMB 118
88104DNCE 4591Topics in Dance
     (Balinese Dance)
3I M WidanaMW0930-1050aDB STUDIO
Tagalog (FIL)FIL 101-202 (all sections) require 16 hours of co-curricular participation. For inquires, please contact Pia Arboleda at
C19,HSL79470FIL 101001Beginning Filipino4I F GasmenTR0900-1015aONLINE
C19,HSL79471FIL 101002Beginning Filipino4I F GasmenTR1030-1145aONLINE
C19,HSL79472FIL 101003Beginning Filipino4P B AraoMWF1230-0120pONLINE
C19,HSL79473FIL 102001Beginning Filipino4I F GasmenTR1200-0115pONLINE
C19,HSL,NI79474FIL 201001Intermediate Filipino4M BertulfoMWF1230-0120pONLINE
C19,HSL,NI83796FIL 201002Intermediate Filipino4M BertulfoTR0130-0245pONLINE
C19,HSL,NI79475FIL 202001Intermediate Filipino4P B AraoMWF1130-1220pONLINE
C19,OC,WI84955FIL 301001Third-Level Filipino I3J E ParbaTR0900-1015aONLINE
C1981877FIL 401001Fourth-Level Filipino I3P C ArboledaR0300-0530pONLINE
C1988532FIL 435001Filipino Translatn Techniques3P C ArboledaT0300-0530pONLINE
Geography (GEOG)
DP,H19,TXT086465GEO 101001The Natural Environment3B SzusterF0130-0220pART 132
FGB,TXT086468GEO 102002World Regional Geography3D M BeattyTBATBAONLINE
DS,TXT0,WI86646GEO 324002Geography of Global Tourism3D Haji LaidinTBATBAONLINE
H19,TXT087195GEO 412001Environmental Impact Assessmnt3B SzusterF1000-1100aSAUND 443
C19,TXT087694GEO 639001Comm. Nat. Resource Mgmt3K SuryanataW0130-0415pONLINE
History (HIST)
C19,DH,TXT0,WI88003HIST 305001History of Southeast Asia3H M PhungMW0130-0245pONLINE
DH,TXT088004HIST 358001The World of the Mekong3H M PhungWF1230-0120pONLINE
C19,DH,TXT0,WI86237HIST 406001Modern Philippines3M A LanzonaTBATBAONLINE
C19,TXT0,WI87568HIST 496001Senior Tutorial in History
     Restriction: Major
3M A LanzonaW0130-0400pONLINE
TXT087571HIST 608001Water in History3L AndayaT0230-0500pSAKAM A103
Ilokano (ILO)
C19,HSL82909ILO 101001Beginning Ilokano4A S AgcaoiliMW0930-1120aONLINE
C19,HSL,NI79613ILO 201001Intermediate Ilokano4N A OrtegaMW1130-0120pONLINE
C1987393ILO 401001Fourth-Level Ilokano3D A DomingoM0300-0530pONLINE
Indo-Pacific Languages (IP)
C19,DS,OC,WI87865IP 360001Filipino Food Music and Ritual3A S PasionF0300-0530pONLINE
C19,DS,OC,WI83434IP 360002Filipino Food Music and Ritual3D A SanaW0230-0500pONLINE
C19,DS,OC,WI85789IP 360003Filipino Food Music and Ritual3L C PagkalinawanR0300-0530pONLINE
C19,DS,OC,WI84408IP 360004Filipino Food Music and Ritual3I L PenaTR1030-1145aONLINE
C19,DS,OC,WI85599IP 360005Filipino Food Music and Ritual3L C PagkalinawanT0300-0530pONLINE
C19,DS,OC,WI84987IP 360006Filipino Food Music and Ritual3I L PenaTR1200-0115pONLINE
C19,DH,ETH,OC,WI81213IP 364001Philippine Popular Culture3N A OrtegaM0300-0530pONLINE
C19,DH,ETH,OC,WI82533IP 364002Philippine Popular Culture3D A DomingoW0300-0530pONLINE
C19,DH,ETH,OC,WI83656IP 364003Philippine Popular Culture3N A OrtegaT0300-0530pONLINE
C19,DH,ETH,OC,WI84413IP 364004Philippine Popular Culture3D A DomingoMW1130-1245pONLINE
C19,DH,ETH,OC,WI85701IP 364005Philippine Popular Culture3A S AgcaoiliM0300-0530pONLINE
C19,DH,ETH,OC,WI85787IP 364006Philippine Popular Culture3N A OrtegaR0300-0530pONLINE
C19,DH,ETH,OC,WI86582IP 364007Philippine Popular Culture3A S AgcaoiliW1230-0300pONLINE
C19,DH,OC,WI84005IP 370001PHL Travelogue: People, Places3J E ParbaT0300-0530pONLINE
C19,DH,OC,WI84752IP 370002PHL Travelogue: People, Places3J E ParbaTR1030-1145aONLINE
C19,DH,OC,WI86223IP 375001PHL Games Sports & Martial Art3L C PagkalinawanF0230-0500pONLINE
C19,DH,OC,WI86222IP 394001Philippine Sociolinguistics3J E ParbaW0230-0500pONLINE
C1987866IP 465B001Southeast Asian Lang Teaching3Y HoonchamlongTBATBAONLINE
Indonesian (IND)
HSL,NI88505IND 203001Intermediate Indonesian 13TBAMWF1030-1120aONLINE
Music (MUS)_  All courses will be moved online sync if in-person is not possible
DA87604MUS 311H001Gamelan Ensemble I1B G MoonTR0130-0220pMB 113
DA87606MUS 311M001Other Ensemble I
     (Thai Ensemble)
1B S FairfieldW1230-0230pMB 114
DA,OC,WI86128MUS 457001Asian & Pacific Music in Educ3C LoongTR0900-1015aMB 201
Peace and Conflict Education (PACE)
C19,DS,ETH,TXT085956PACE 310001Survey Peace/Conflict Studies3B R HallettTR0130-0245pONLINE
DS,ETH,OC,TXT086862PACE 310002Survey Peace/Conflict Studies3B Lubura-WinchesterTBATBAONLINE
C19,DH,ETH,TXT0,WI86154PACE 387001Meaning of War3B R HallettTR1030-1145aONLINE
DH,ETH,TXT086428PACE 412001Gandhi, King & Nonviolence3J M LacanientaTBATBAONLINE
F0400-0500pONLINE (8/27)
F0400-0500pONLINE (9/24)
F0400-0500pONLINE (10/29)
F0400-0500pONLINE (11/19)
F0400-0500pONLINE (12/3)
ETH88509PACE 4201Introduction to Human Rights3A EisenstatTBATBAONLINE
DH,ETH,OC,TXT086429PACE 4291Negotiation3B L CarrollTBATBAONLINE
OC86864PACE 447001Introduction to Mediation3C M WahlTBATBAONLINE
DS,HAP86863PACE 450001Protest Under Occupation3M U PerkinsTBATBAONLINE
DS,ETH,OC,TXT086430PACE 468001Facilitating Org. Change Basic3J L BarzolaTBATBAONLINE
DS,TXT088025PACE 4851Topics:Peace & Conflct Resoltn
     (Peacebuilding and Journalism: Building a More Civil Society)
3G Y KatoTR0900-1015aONLINE
TXT079928PACE 4951Practicum & Internship
     Restriction: Instructor Approval
H19,TXT085560PACE 668001Facilitating Comm & Org Change3D C MilzW0500-0730pMIL 2
TXT088098PACE 695001Conflict Resolution Practicum
     Restriction: Instructor Approval
TXT084489PACE 699001Directed Reading and Research
     Restriction: Instructor Approval
Philosophy (PHIL)
DH,WI83235PHIL 211001Ancient Philosophy3J D FineMW0130-0245pKUY 310
C19,DH,WI88065PHIL 211002Ancient Philosophy3J D FineMW0130-0245pONLINE
88070PHIL 760001Seminar in Buddhist Philosophy3S M SmithW1245-0315pSAKAM C102
Political Science (POLS)
C19,DS,WI88136POLS 307B001Tpcs Comp Politcs: SE Asia3E KimuraTBATBAONLINE
87593POLS 680001Asian and/or Pacific Politics3E KimuraR1200-0230pSAUND 624
Religion (REL)
C19,DH,WI85940REL 202001Understanding Indian Religions3R LambT0100-0230pONLINE
C19,DH,WI85185REL 207001Understanding Buddhism3M MohrTBATBAONLINE
Thai (THAI)
HSL88426THAI 103001Conversational Thai I2Y HoonchamlongMWF0930-1020aKUY 304
HSL83670THAI 103002Conversational Thai I2Y HoonchamlongMWF0930-1020aONLINE
HSL88427THAI 105001Reading and Writing Thai I2Y HoonchamlongTR0930-1020aKUY 304
HSL83671THAI 105002Reading and Writing Thai I2Y HoonchamlongTR0930-1020aONLINE
HSL,NI,WI88506THAI 201001Second-Level Thai I4Y HoonchamlongMWF0800-0920aKUY 304
HSL,NI,WI85270THAI 201002Second-Level Thai I4Y HoonchamlongMWF0800-0920aONLINE
C1987872THAI 301001Third-Level Thai I3Y HoonchamlongTBATBAONLINE
Theatre (THEA)
DL,WI84663THEA 311001World Theatre I: Script3K PaukaMWF1130-1220pKUY 210
C19,DL,WI88454THEA 311002World Theatre I: Script
     Restriction: Instructor Approval
3K PaukaMWF1130-1220pONLINE
DL,ETH,WI87828THEA 411003World Theatre III: Elite & Pop3K PaukaMWF1030-1120aKUY 210
C19,DL,ETH,WI88453THEA 411004World Theatre III: Elite & Pop
     Restriction: Instructor Approval
3K PaukaMWF1030-1120aONLINE
H1987896THEA 663B001Asian Theatre: Origins3K PaukaT0130-0415pSAKAM D101
Urban & Regional Planning (PLAN)
H1980053PLAN 600001Public Policy & Planning Thry3A K DasR0130-0415pMIL 2
87898PLAN 602001Advanced Planning Theory3A K DasW0130-0415pKUY 301
Vietnamese (VIET)
HSL80324VIET 101001Elementary Vietnamese I3H T LeMW0900-1015aWEB 103
C19,HSL,NI80325VIET 201001Intermediate Vietnamese I3H V PhungMW0900-1015aONLINE
C1987874VIET 301001Third-Level Vietnamese3H V PhungTR0900-1015aONLINE
Women’s Studies (WS)
C19,DS88615WGSS 462001Women & Globalization in Asia3H O El-SilimyTBATBAONLINE