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Calls for papers and submissions to journals showcasing work on Southeast Asia.

Postings are removed after deadlines have passed and new CFPs are highlighted bi-weekly in our email newsletter. Have a CFP to share? Email us.

CFP: Austrian Journal of South-East Asian Studies, “Negotiating Transdiciplinarity”

The latest issue of the Austrian Journal of South-East Asian Studies is now online, on the theme “Negotiating Transdisciplinarity”. The journal is soliciting contributions for its issue on “Rethinking the Social World in the 21st Century”, a collaboration with Gadjah Mada University.

Journal of Burma Studies Special Issue: Gender and Social Change in Myanmar

The Journal of Burma Studies calls for article submissions related to gender and social change in Myanmar. This can include — but is not limited to — current or historical social movements and politics, related gender issues within those movements, specific gender-focussed political movements, as well as studies of gender inequities, disparities and phenomena that have a specific gender component, or uses a gendered lens to understand a social issue or cultural phenomenon. Please send your abstracts (and address any questions) to

CFP: eTropic special issue: Tropical Imaginaries and Climate Crisis

Reflecting ecological biodiversity, this CFP is open to interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary intertwinings, as well as new perspectives on established disciplinary approaches. It invites
papers that consider the ecological interface between, for example: nature and culture, humans and animals, indigeneity and colonialism, science and literature, technology and
poetics, histories and futures, reality and fiction, mythologies and mathematical models,
climate science and climate imagination, spirits and humans, natural sciences and social
sciences, the mundane and sacred, global and local, extinctions and emerging viral species; from researchers who engage with the tropical regions of the world.

CFP: Philippine Studies: Historical and Ethnographic Viewpoints special issue on Science and Technology Studies

We invite submissions to Philippine Studies: Historical and Ethnographic Viewpoints to gather critically and theoretically engaged studies of science, technology, and society in the Philippines. We seek interventions that disrupt the ways in which science and technology are deeply rooted in the fabric of everyday life as they emerge effortlessly from objects, spaces, infrastructures, public discourse, and scientific practice.

CFP: Journal of Environmental Monitoring and Assessment

Special Issue “Mekong River: Towards an integrated approach of Impact, Monitoring, Modelling and Control for Environmental Sustainability” Journal of Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (EMAS) (Springer, IF: 1.903)

CFP: Tourism and Covid-19 in Southeast Asia.

if you have a perspective on how the pandemic has affected the tourism industry anywhere in Southeast Asia, please consider getting in touch with me at so we can discuss your inclusion and give you more information. 

Open Deadlines

Queer Southeast Asia

Queer Southeast Asia is reading submissions now: poetry, creative prose, book review & essay, interview, hybrid work, visual art.

New Mandala

We want articles that are grounded in Southeast Asia expertise, offer fresh observations, and ask interesting questions.

CFP – Journal of Vietnamese Studies

Articles for Journal of Vietnamese Studies should generally be 8,000 to 15,000 words, not including all endnotes and references.

Journal of Applied History

Unlike other journals, the Journal of Applied History offers a platform for articles in which the results of historical research are applied to present-day issues.

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