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Below is a list of open calls for papers (CFPs) for professional and academic conferences related to the study of Southeast Asia. Interested in sharing a CFP and/or conference with us? Fill out our event submission form and select “other” in question 6. Postings are removed from this page after their deadline has passed and new CFPs are highlighted bi-weekly in our email newsletter.

CFP – “Doing Theory in Archipelagic Southeast Asia” Seminar at the American Comparative Literature Association Conference – Abstracts due September 20

Conference dates: March 12-22, 2020. Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States.

The seminar hopes to consider the following questions:

  1. How might keywords act as focal points for producing, documenting, and sharing conceptual understandings of the diversity and complexity of social, economic, political, and ecological conditions?
  2. How might cultural and ethnographic research, which emphasizes local particularity, offer sources for suitable theoretical frameworks?
  3. How are theories developed ‘abroad’ or ‘elsewhere’ “creolized” through their appropriation, negotiation, and transformation in new contexts?
  4. How might theory inform the praxis of everyday experience and political action by presenting the analysis of reality and its impasse with new avenues of possibility?
  5. How do creative producers such as writers, filmmakers, artists, and curators borrow and create theory?

CFP – Gender, Migration and Digital Networks in Asia – Abstracts due September 23

Conference dates: Feb 20-21, 2020. Location: National University of Singapore @ KRC, Singapore. The workshop’s thematic focus will include, but not limited to, following broadly-defined areas:

  • Transnational digital activism among migrant communities for gender and sexuality justice
  • Biometric identifications, citizenship and border control of gendered bodies
  • The gendered labour of digital work and virtual sweatshops
  • Sexuality and media production among migrant communities

2019 National Humanities Conference – Early Bird Registration Ends September 30

November 7-10, 2019. In 2019, the National Humanities Alliance and the Federation of State Humanities Councils will sponsor the National Humanities Conference in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. This conference is hosted by the Hawaiʻi Council for the Humanities in partnership with Humanities Guåhan, Northern Marianas Humanities Council, and the Amerika Samoa Humanities Council.

CFP – 2nd Malay Archipelago Archaeology Conference – Abstracts due September 30

Conference dates: November 06-07, 2019. Conference to be held at Universiti Sains Malaysia. The conference is organised by the Centre for Global Archaeological Research (CGAR USM) with a particular interest on Malay archipelago archaeology.

CFP – 2020 Rapid Religious Change Conference – Proposals due October 1

Conference dates: April 16-18, 2020. Location: Hong Kong Baptist University. The central question is “Why do religious beliefs at times change very quickly and what kinds of societal impacts do these changes have?” This conference will generate new knowledge regarding how religions end, arise, and endure across time and space.

CFP – 11th Biennial Association for Southeast Asian Cinemas Conference (ASEACC) – Abstracts due October 31

Conference will take place July 20-22, 2020 in Cebu, Philippines. The theme is “SEA The World! Southeast Asian Cinemas and Global Film Theory”.

Journal CFPs – Verge: Studies in Global Asias Issue 7.1 – Deadline: November 1

Issue 7.1: OPEN ISSUE

This open issue invites essays related to the broader project of Verge: Studies in Global Asias, which showcases scholarship on “Asian” topics from across the humanities and humanistic social sciences, while recognizing that the changing scope of “Asia” as a concept and method is today an object of vital critical concern.

CFP – Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast (ASPAC) Conference – Early abstract submission deadline December 31

Dates: June 12-13, 2020. Location: Hawaiʻi. Proposals may be for organized panels, roundtable discussions, individual papers or poster presentations on historical or contemporary topics in the humanities, arts, social sciences, education, health, law, business, environmental sciences or other disciplines related to Asia and the Asian diasporas.

Early submission is intended mainly for international applicants who need a letter of invitation for visa purposes. Notification of acceptance will be sent by January 31, 2020. Regular submission deadline is on February 29, 2020. Notification of acceptance will be sent by March 31, 2020.

CFP – Verge Special Issue 7.2: Digital Asias – Deadlines: October 1, 2019 (Convergence); May 1, 2020 (Essays)

We have been willing participants in our own digital colonization. This digitalization has some historical roots in Asia and today is routed through Asia. It is saturated in stereotypical techno-orientalist images of a futuristic Asia, and proliferates through Asian media, finance capital, and artistic production.

Call for Manuscripts/Book Proposals – Routledge Series on Asian Migration – Routledge – No deadline

Books in the series broaden the discussions of the relationship between migration and globalization, transnationalism, development, governance, inter-cultural studies, and identity and diaspora. They address specific social and cultural dynamics – such as gender relations, population, family and marriage patterns, new class formation, and the transformation of cultural values – that have been brought by Asian migration.

Call for Articles for a new journal: The Journal of Applied History – No deadline

This year, Brill has launched a new, interdisciplinary and peer-reviewed scholarly journal concerned with the application of historical knowledge and insights to current matters: the Journal of Applied History. Unlike other journals, the Journal of Applied History offers a platform for articles in which the results of historical research are applied to present-day issues. By connecting historical case studies to contemporary concerns and (or) future possibilities, authors are asked to make an explicit connection between past, present and future.

CFP – Journal of Vietnamese Studies – No Deadline

JVS considers all manuscripts on the strict condition that they have been submitted only to JVS, that they have not been published already (including in another language), nor are they under consideration for publication or in press elsewhere. Articles for Journal of Vietnamese Studies should generally be 8,000 to 15,000 words, not including all endnotes and references.