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Below is a list of open calls for papers (CFPs) for professional and academic conferences related to the study of Southeast Asia. Interested in sharing a CFP and/or conference with us? Fill out our event submission form and select “other” in question 6. Postings are removed from this page after their deadline has passed and new CFPs are highlighted bi-weekly in our email newsletter.

International Conference on Philippine Studies (ICOPHIL XI 2020) – “Philippine Studies Across Borders, Across Disciples: Collaborations, Interventions, Linkages” – Abstracts due: December 15

To be held at Universidad de Alicante, San Vicente del Raspeig, Spain on 21 – 23 September, 2020.

Spaces and Places Conference: “Medieval and Early Modern Spaces and Places: Courtly Encounters”, Open University – Abstracts due: December 15

In 2020 the Open University’s interdisciplinary Spaces and Places conference will address the theme of ‘Courtly Encounters’ by exploring instances of cultural exchange that shaped the day-to-day and extraordinary experiences of court life.

Call for Contributions – Royal Academy of Dance Conference (London) 2020: Mapping Dance and Dance Teaching: Past(s), Present, and Future(s) – Abstracts due December 20

As part of the Royal Academy of Dance centenary, and in celebration of the Faculty of Education’s 21st anniversary the Faculty of Education of the Royal Academy of Dance will be hosting an international conference Mapping Dance and Dance Teaching: Past(s), Present and Future(s). In September 2020, the Royal Academy of Dance will be welcoming to London dance professionals, practitioners, educators, researchers, dance teachers, historians, musicologists and scholars to discuss, debate and contemplate past, present and future potentialities of dance and dance teaching.

26th Int’l Congress of History of Science and Technology – Linked Symposia: “Under Tropical Skies: Giants and Dwarfs in Meteorology and Technology” – Abstracts due: December 30

In keeping with the conference themes, these two linked symposia aim to tell the unknown stories and the histories of lesser known people from an understudied climatic region and subject field of historical tropical meteorology and technology. Our premise stems from the claim that most histories of weather science have focused on polar or temperate regions yet, the tropics are home to half the world’s people (Fleming, 2019).

22nd World Congress of the International Association for the History of Religions (IAHR), University of Otago – Abstracts due: December 31

While welcoming contributions on any topic in the academic study of religion, this year’s Congress will have the theme of Centres and Peripheries.

COMIUCAP Manila MMXX Conference: “Faith, Reason and Dialogue: Listening to Asia” – Deadline: December 31

COMIUCAP Manila MMXX Conference with the theme “Faith, Reason and Dialogue: Listening to Asia” that will be held in Manila, Philippines on 28-30 May 2020. This international academic gathering is convened by the Conférence Mondiale des Institutions Universitaires Catholiques de Philosophie (COMIUCAP), the sectoral group for philosophy of the International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU/FIUC), and hosted by the University of Santo Tomas.

CFP – Emerging Dimensions of Marriage in Asia – Abstracts due December 31

The goal of this conference is to bring scholars from multiple disciplines to update and broaden our understanding of the rapidly changing patterns and issues related to marriage in the different regions of Asia. 

CFP – Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast (ASPAC) Conference – Early abstract submission deadline December 31

Dates: June 12-13, 2020. Location: Hawaiʻi. Proposals may be for organized panels, roundtable discussions, individual papers or poster presentations on historical or contemporary topics in the humanities, arts, social sciences, education, health, law, business, environmental sciences or other disciplines related to Asia and the Asian diasporas.

Early submission is intended mainly for international applicants who need a letter of invitation for visa purposes. Notification of acceptance will be sent by January 31, 2020. Regular submission deadline is on February 29, 2020. Notification of acceptance will be sent by March 31, 2020.

Feminist Futures in the Indian Ocean Conference – Deadline: January 1

We welcome papers that question silences and erasures within Indian Ocean studies and its archives, and attend to embodied and non-hegemonic forms of knowledge production. How can feminist methods, necessarily connective, comparative and embodied, decenter and decolonize scholarly praxis of the Indian Ocean? How can they further attend to the nuanced relationalities between spaces, times, and disciplines? What might it mean to map the relational links between the Indian Ocean and other oceanic contexts (e.g., the Atlantic, Pacific, Mediterranean, and Caribbean)? We are particularly interested in papers that engage thick transregionalism, multidisciplinary approaches to archives, historical memories of colonialism, racialization, slavery, indenture, and diaspora, and foreground questions of embodiment, performance, and visual and material cultural practices.

Uniting Ecology and Civilization: Histories, Theories, Futures – Deadline: January 1

An international workshop to be held in Beijing at Renmin University of China, June 11-14, 2020. Co-Sponsored by the Center for Ecological History, Renmin University of China, Beijing, and the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, Munich.

In the 1970s a German philosopher coined the phrase “ecological civilization,” which has now become popular in many parts of the world, not least so in China.  How might the humanities help us achieve that vision in the future, and what ideals should modern societies adopt in relation to the natural world?

30th Annual Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society (SEALS) – Abstracts due: January 5

The Department of Linguistics at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa invites scholars working on Southeast Asian linguistics to the 30th Annual Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society (SEALS), May 18-20, 2020, to be held on the campus of the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. Abstracts dealing with any areas related to Southeast Asian Languages will be considered.

UC Berkeley-UCLA Southeast Asian Studies Conference: “Ethnic and Community Identity in Southeast Asia” – Abstracts due January 20

This conference is designed to explore aspects of group and individual identity in the region. Broadly conceived, papers would consider the ways in which people are articulating, embracing, or contesting different forms and reconfigurations of personal or group identity. Such forms might encompass aspects of ethnic, gender, or religious identities, or perhaps overlaps across these and other dimensions of identity. Papers might consider the political implications of how people and groups articulate or embrace identity and possible conflicts pitting groups against the state or each other. The hope is that papers will explore newly emerging forms of identity as well as long-existing ones that are being reconceptualized or reasserted in new circumstances. Proposals from all disciplines are welcome as are ones that cross disciplinary lines.

31st Graduate Student Conference, School of Pacific and Asian Studies, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa – Abstracts due January 31

The School of Pacific and Asian Studies (SPAS) at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa (UHM) welcomes proposals for papers, performances, and panels for its 31st annual Graduate Student Conference. The conference will be held at the Center for Korean Studies on the UH Mānoa campus in Honolulu, Hawaii, on April 7-9, 2020. The theme this year is “Stories of Movement in Asia: Boundaries and Exile.”

Northern Illinois University 2020 Southeast Asian Studies Student Conference – Abstracts due January 31.

Abstract submission and questions can be sent to: The conference will be held on Saturday, April 18, 2020, at the Holmes Student Center in DeKalb, Illinois.

Literature and Journalism in the Republic of Vietnam (1955-1975) and the Reception of Western Thought – Abstracts due February 15

December 12, 2020, Asien-Afrika-Institut, University of Hamburg. This one-day conference approaches literature and journalism in South Vietnam in connection with western theories in humanities, aiming at exploring how this body of literature was engaged with and influenced by contemporary political, social, cultural, religious, aesthetic, philosophical, and literary thought of the West.

The Self-Determination of Timor-Leste: Resistance, Diplomacy, Solidarity – Abstracts due March 31

The organizers wish to call for contributions to this conference from scholars, actors of the process, activists and other citizens interested in the history of the self-determination of Timor-Leste. The conference will look at three different aspects: the Resistance and its various components; diplomatic efforts of different countries involved in the process; and the solidarity movements that spread all over the world. Perspectives on actors, networks, institutions and strategies are welcome.

Working languages: Portuguese and English. For other languages, please contact the organizers.

CFP – 7th International Conference on Language, Literature, Linguistics & Communication 2020 – Abstracts due May 15

June 18-19, 2020, Singapore. Theme: “CULTURAL UNIFICATION THROUGH LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT”. The LLS2020 will cover topics pertaining to Language, Literature, Linguistics and Communication in various institutional, social, and cultural contexts. The conference also welcomes presentations based on studies conducted from inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary perspectives, involving research into language/s in different academic disciplines. We welcome individual paper presentations, panel sessions, round table discussions, performances, short films, and posters.

CFP – Asia-Pacific Conference on Education, Teaching and Technology 2020 – Abstracts due May 15

Theme: “Education & Technology – Challenges and Issues”. Conference to be held in Singapore on June 18-19, 2020. Paper presentations, panel sessions, round table discussions, performances, short films, and posters are welcome.

CFP – 8th International Conference on Asian Studies 2020 – Abstracts due August 30

Theme: “Asian Vision for Shared Prosperity”. Conference to be held in Bangkok, Thailand from October 22-23, 2020, hosted by International Center for Research & Development (ICRD).