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AAS 2019 Southeast Asia Panels

The Association for Asian Studies Conference will be held in Denver from March 21-24, 2019. These are the Southeast Asia panels. See below for the full program PDF:

Thursday, March 21

  • PANEL 9 Empires and Contested Representations of Indigeneity, Resistance, and Citizenship in Colonial and De-Colonising Southeast Asia
  • PANEL 10 Gender Conceptions and Balinese Gamelan
  • PANEL 11 Life, Crime and Death: Perspectives from Southeast Asia
  • PANEL 12 Malaysia’s Democratic Spring? Authoritarian Elections, Ethnicity, and Gender in Comparative Perspective
  • PANEL 13 Un-Progressive Models: East and Southeast

Friday, March 22

  • PANEL 47 Early Modern Cambodia in its Southeast Asian Maritime World: Recent Perspectives
  • PANEL 48 Mass Violence and Its Aftermaths in Southeast Asia in the Digital Age
  • PANEL 49 Regional Interpretations of Vietnam’s Revolution
  • PANEL 50 Sound and Image in Southeast Asia

Saturday, March 23

  • PANEL 194 Connected Truncated Transitions in Agriculture and Industry: Southeast Asia’s Reproduction of Precarity and Survivalist Livelihoods
  • PANEL 195 States, Kings, and Politics in Southeast Asia, Past and Present
  • PANEL 196 The Colonial Value of Bodies in Southeast Asia
  • PANEL 197 Toward a New Malaysia? The 2018 Elections and Their Aftermath

Sunday, March 24

  • PANEL 330 “Steps Forward”: Social Engineering as Policy and Practice in the Uplands of Laos
  • PANEL 331 Critical Engagements with Global Tourism in Southeast Asia
  • PANEL 332 Divinizing the Earth? Rethinking Place and Power in Monsoon Asia
  • PANEL 333 Trimming the Hegemony: Linguistic Imperialism and Ethnic Diversity in the
  • Language Classroom


The joint UH CSEAS-Center for Religious and Cross-cultural Studies. Gadjah Mada University documentary film Our Land is the Sea (Indonesian title: Air Tanahku, 2018, 26 min, Indonesian with English subtitles) will screen on Thursday, March 21, 2019 at 3:10pm (Check AAS info desk for screening room location).