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Alumni Spotlight: Seng Khang

Our first Fall 2023 Alumni Spotlight is Seng Khang. Seng graduated from the Anthropology Program with an MA focusing on Applied Archaeology.

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Seng was born and raised in California. She graduated and received her MA degree in anthropology focusing on applied archaeology from University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2022. Seng was also a FLAS recipient from Fall 2019 – Spring 2022. After a time working for the California State Parks Department as a Park Interpretive Specialist for Sutter’s Fort, Seng is now working Environmental Science Associates. In her new role as Archaeology Technician, she works on monitoring several projects and conducting data recovery for cultural services management on pre-colonial Native American archaeological sites.

Seng conducted her master research in Si Thep, Phetchabun, Thailand with her master thesis titled “Historiography, Management, and Current issues Surrounding Si Thep Historical Park (Phetchabun, thailand)”. Her interests lie within the first millennium during the time of the Maritime Silk Route trade where religious institutions such as Buddhism and Hinduism began to be absorbed into Southeast Asia. She is also interested in museums, historic sites and historic preservation. Her research was done to answer: How can examining a single premodern heritage site aid in our comprehension of Thai historic preservation and its connection to the formation of Thai identity? In her paper she explored competing narratives of Thai history and archaeological reconstructions creates a holistic narratives of events that explain how this Si Thep’s local community has established a relationship with the site around which they live although they are a non-descendant community of the site.