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Wayang Listrik Educational Outreach 2019-2020

The Center is pleased to announce its partnership with the UH Mānoa Asian Theatre Program and 2019 fundraising partner Arts Focus Southeast Asia (AFSEA). Together, we are working to bring Wayang Listrik to the children and youth of Hawaiʻi. Wayang Listrik is a modern Balinese theatre genre based on traditional shadow puppetry (wayang kulit).

2019-2020 Wayang Listrik: The Last King of Bali

The Asian Theatre Program will stage a multimedia wayang listrik production of The Last King of Bali. The production will run in February 2020 at the UHM Kennedy Theatre and will be supported by master artists from Bali to be brought in on training residencies.

Outreach and Fundraising

In addition to the theatre run, we are working to bring wayang listrik education to Hawaiʻi K-12 schools, throughout the island chain, in the form of free performances, workshops, and an updated teacher resource guide. A similar program was run concurrently with the Asian Theatre Program’s production of Subali-Sugriwa: The Battle of the Two Monkey Kings in AY 2015-2016.

We are currently fundraising through our partner AFSEA (a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit) to support these activities and to expand our reach to even more schools. Every donation counts!

To learn more about wayang listrik and our past and present projects, head over to the Wayang Listrik page!