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CSEAS Director Search

The Center for Southeast Asian Studies invites nominations for the next Center director to serve from 2018-2022. You may nominate yourself or any University of Hawaiʻi faculty member with a strong research or teaching connection to Southeast Asia.

Nominations need to be submitted by February 11, with voting to take place between February 13-18, 2017. After votes have been tabulated they are sent to the dean of SPAS, who will then appoint the director designate. The new director will be responsible for crafting the next National Resource Center (NRC) Title VI grant (DoE), and in preparation will be asked to attend the official grant writing training session in Washington DC in late Spring or early Fall 2017.

Please submit nominations to the Center via email at

If you have questions about the Center and/or the director’s position, please contact the current director, Kirstin Pauka (