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Christianity in Southeast Asia

Christianity in Southeast Asia
Robbie B H Goh

This book briefly recounts the history of the establishment and expansion of Christianity in Southeast Asia from the colonial times onwards. With the exception of the Philippines, Christianity has been a minor religion in much of Southeast Asia, albeit one whose followers have sometimes had a disproportionate impact on education and other sectors of society. The author focuses on the current expansion of aggressive evangelical Christian groups in particular, and their prospects for increasing their following in various countries in the region and what the possible implications could be.
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Conflict and Conversion: Catholicism in Southeast Asia
Tara Alberts

First history of Catholicism in Southeast Asia which explores the history of all religious orders involved in the evangelisation of the region and compares the populations of three disparate regions (Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia) to examine why missionaries were successful in some areas and not in others. Utilises new and under-researched sources from a wide range of archives and libraries around Europe and Asia. Makes details and translated excerpts of many of these documents available for the first time. Illustrated with early modern images from rare books and rare contemporary maps. Explores ways to gain access to the experiences of converts through missionary sources, de-centering the priest from the analysis.

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Growth & Decline: Essays on Philippine Church History
John N. Schumacher

“For better or for worse, the history of Philippine Catholicism has always been closely bound up with the history of the Filipino people and the development of the nation. The essays gathered into this volume, however—some of them previously published and here revised, one published for the first time—deal primarily with the inner development of Catholicism in the Philippines. Nonetheless, they inevitably also speak of the development of the Filipino people.” —from the Introduction
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Spirited Politics: Religion and Public Life in Contemporary Southeast Asia
Andrew C. Willford (Editor) and Kenneth M. George (Editor)

The essays in Spirited Politics throw light on predicaments that spring from the intersection of religion, ethnicity, and nationalism in contemporary Southeast Asian public life. Covering material from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines, the contributors explore the calamities and ironies of Southeast Asian identity politics, examining the ways in which religion and politics are made to serve each other.

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