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Daniel Maestro


About the Artist

Daniel Mastro (aka Ngô Hoàng Long) was born on July 3, 1984. He is a famous Electronic Dance Music (EDM) producer in Viet Nam and in the world. He began making music in 2004 with his rock band – Freaky Theory. He and his band first appeared on a television music show in 2007. One year later, his band was chosen as one of two representatives of Viet Nam to attend SUTASI – an Asia-wide music talent competition in Singapore. In 2009, he began to collaborate with popular DJ Wang in a role of a DJ – Remixer. In 2011, he joined DMC Saigon Company as Header Music Production and participated in Hennessy Artistry concert across Viet Nam. In the same year, he published popular “Sean Paul – She does not mine” remix on Youtube and Soundcloud, which quickly went viral. As a result, he received an offer from Atlantic Record to disseminate the hit worldwide.  Up until now, Daniel has remixed more than 100 different tracks and collaborated with more than 20 famous artists in Viet Nam. His remixes are also played on American radio stations and used by DJs from more than 100 countries around the world.

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