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Module 5. Siblaw Taraw: Love and Betrayal


This story is about a star who came down to Barlig only to be deceived into living among the Ifiallig. Derived from the narrative of village elder Arfonso Nacle.

Tagalog Version | English Version



Apor – hunting lodge

Fiangiw – native knapsack?


Finali – ratan?

Taraw – star

Tapis – tube skirt


Just like us today, our ancestors used to stare in wonder at the mysteries of the heavens. Who is up there? For the people of Barlig, it is without a doubt full of beautiful heavenly beings who once in awhile descend upon their forests to bathe in their lakes.

Guiding Questions

  1. Do you have legends or stories that center around an enchanted lake? Do you know any stories that revolve around star maidens?
  2. Describe the characters.
  3. What cultural aspects are described in the video? (feasts, coming of age beliefs)
  4. What role does music and dancing have in their society? How is this the same or different in your culture?
  5. Describe their marriage. How would you feel if you were in this marriage?
  6. Do you agree with Siblaw Taraw’s decision to stay and to leave?
  7. Would you change or keep the ending of this story? Why or why not?
  8. In light of how the story ended, would you consider this story as one of retribution or story of justice? Explain your answer.

Critical Thinking:

Compare this story to Linmipaw. In terms of gender roles, discuss the contradiction between the star maiden’s character to the Allukoy. How would you compare this to the gender roles in your own culture?

Motivating Activity:

Study the character of the daughter more closely. What do we know or not know about her story? Provide her with a voice and write her story in the first person point of view.

Culminating Activity: From Story to Reality

Read the Barlig Mtn. Province blog about Siblaw Taraw. How would you compare the storyteller’s description of the enchanted forest to the hiker’s experience at Siblaw Taraw? How did it make you feel to see photographs of the forests in Barlig? For your final project, write a blog about a place that you find mysterious and share it with your class. Make sure to include the legends or stories from the people of that place.

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