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April 2020 Books

Run Me to Earth

by Paul Yoon

Hearing Southeast Asia: Sounds of Power and Hierarchy in Context

by Nathan Porath

Mahathir’s Islam: Mahathir Mohamad on Relgion & Modernity in Malaysia

by Sven Schottmann

Myanmar Transformed?: People, Places & Politics

Edited by Justine Chambers, Gerard McCarthy, Nicholas Farrelly & Chit Win

Becoming One: Religion, Development, & Environmentalism in a Japanese NGO in Myanmar

by Chika Watanabe

Moments of Silence: The Uunforgetting of the October 6, 1976, Massacre in Bangkok

by Thongchai Winichakul

Islamizing Intimacies: Youth, Sexuality, & Gender in Contemporary Indonesia

by Nancy J. Smith-Hefner

The Experiment of the Tropics: Poems, by Lawrence Lacambra Ypil

Finalist for the 2020 Lambda Literary Awards. Through the lens of history and photography, The Experiment of the Tropics returns to early-twentieth-century Philippines during American colonialism and asks, “How does one look at the past?”

Islam, Blasphemy, and Human Rights in Indonesia: The Trial of Ahok

by Daniel Peterson

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