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Webinar: The Crisis of Martial Law

Date and Time: Oct 5, 2022 | 4:00pm HST

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In 1979, Ferdinand Marcos delivered a state of the nation address in which he explained that “the world oil crisis today has become the single, most important issue to face the peoples of the world” and that “the crisis can only be met if the people consider the steps needed to meet the challenge as ‘the moral equivalent of war.'” While his declaration of martial law in 1972 cited the danger of communist insurrection as the catalyst for executive rule, this later speech articulated crisis as the external threat posed by problems “not directly of our own making.” This talk reconsiders martial law as both a political tactic for navigating a “a world [that] has grown more perilous” and where “problems have become more complex and critical” and as authoritarian historiography. Analyzing ideas of political crisis and national sacrifice against Philippine labor and migration policy of the 1970s and through martial law “historical fiction,” this talk analyzes the ways that crisis and labor offer critical methods for grappling with the legacies of martial law in the present.


Oct 05 2022


Times stated in HST.
4:00 PM

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