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“The Look of Silence” and Legacies of the 65 Massacres in Indonesia and Southeast Asia

SEACoast invites you to attend its upcoming online event, The Look of Silence and Legacies of the 65 Massacres in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. In advance of the event, participants will independently view Joshua Oppenheimer’s documentary, The Look of Silence, which follows Adi Rukun as he confronts the people who killed his brother during Indonesia’s 65 Massacres. During the event, Antonius Made Tony Supriatma (Yusof Ishak Institute) and Degung Santikarma (Taman 65) will guide discussion. Both will provide brief comments on the film and discuss, respectively, the political context of the massacres and challenges of reconciliation. Afterwards, the room will open up for free-flowing conversation.

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Free streaming of The Look of Silence here:

The Look of Silence (2015)

A stirring view of the savage murder of an Indonesian man and of his anguished family, living in fearful silence, due to a vicious “communist purge.”


Sep 30 2020


Time stated in HST.
8:00 AM - 9:30 AM

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