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Art Space Exhibition – “Băng Qua Nước: Across Land, Across Water”

Băng Qua Nước: Across Land, Across Water is an exhibition curated by Ivy Vuong (Yale ’23) exploring how home(s) exist, twist, and meld across land and water for Vietnamese diasporic peoples through the works of Connecticut-based Vietnamese artists Thuan Vu, Antonius-Tín Bui, Quyên Trương, and Thu Tran.

The word nước in Vietnamese can mean homeland, nation, or water. Water, via the Atlantic Ocean, gave passage to loss and new lives for thousands of Vietnamese Boat People escaping Vietnam post-1975 in the wake of the fall of Saigon––a displacement fraught with grief yet teeming with strength and resilience. This led to yearnings for new and old home(s), both tangible and intangible, felt through paintings, cyanotypes, video, and soft sculpture divided into three sections: 1) Nơi Đây, Nơi Đó: Here nor/and There, 2) Cùng Nhau/Together, and 3) Sự Mất và Sự Trả Lại: Loss and Return/Redemption.

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