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Visit the EWC Gallery’s Exhibition “Living Legacies Paintings and Performances of Bali”

About the Exhibit
The exhibition Living Legacies: Paintings and Performances of Bali features the artistry and stories of Bali through paintings, costumes, masks, puppets, and instruments.

Both painting and performance are a means of storytelling in Bali. The visitor is introduced to a variety of styles and techniques used to share beloved traditional tales, including Hindu epics, local folk tales, and chronicles of historical Balinese kings. An array of performance traditions such as gambuh (dance drama), topeng (ceremonial mask dance), and wayang (puppetry) are also incorporated into the exhibition.

Reservation Information
Following 23 months of closure, the East-West Center Gallery is pleased to welcome you back. They welcome gallery visits by reservation for individuals and groups of up to 8 visitors. Reservations must be made online in advance. No walk-ins are allowed at this time. All visitors to the East-West Center must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Masking and physical distancing rules will be enforced. KN95 masks are recommended and available onsite at EWC. Limited parking is available by request. Register here

Image credits (0-6): “Living Legacy: Paintings and Performances of Bali” exhibition, East-West Center Gallery; Sita Satya (Sita’s Loyalty), I Made Moja, 2020; Berselancar di Laut (Surfing on the Ocean), I Made Budi, 1970s; Barong & Rangda in Performance, I Made Sumayasa, 2001; Topeng Pajegan (Ceremonial Dance) Masks; Wayang Kayonon (Tree of Life) and Batara Guru; Selection of gambuh (dance drama) instruments.

Photo credit: Marc Schechter