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SEALC and GETSEA Virtual Language Conversation Groups.

Virtual Language Groups

SEALC and GETSEA are pleased to announce the launch of our first three virtual language conversation groups – Vietnamese, Thai and Burmese!

Language tables are free and open to all students currently studying Vietnamese, Thai or Burmese at a North American university. This is a great opportunity to practice your Vietnamese, Thai or Burmese with students from across the region!

1) Vietnamese

Beginner/Intermediate Group:
2/18/2022, 4-5pm ET
3/11/2022, 4-5pm ET
4/8/2022, 4-5pm ET

Advanced Group:
2/12/2022, 3-4pm ET
3/12/2022, 3-4pm ET
4/9/2022, 3-4pm ET

Bàn Tròn Tiếng Việt – chào đón các bạn tới gặp gỡ và chuyện trò bằng tiếng Việt!!!

2) Thai

Alternating Wednesdays and Thursdays, see website for more details.

Learn more about these language programs, go here

3) Burmese

Friday, March 4, 12-1pm Eastern Time
Friday, April 8, 12-1pm Eastern Time
More info and registration here