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Faculty Spotlight: Professor Patricio “Jojo” Abinales ft. on NPR Planet Money!

wheat field
Photo of wheat spikelets in field with blue sky on blurred background. Panoramic photo with copyspace

Episode summary:
“In the 1950s, U.S. wheat farmers had a surplus they needed to offload. Their search for a solution landed American wheat in a region whose diet was centered on an entirely different grain—rice.

On today’s episode of Planet Money, we tell the story of how America’s amber waves washed over Southeast Asia and we meet the man who helped make it happen.”

“Yeah. It was like, what the heck? What are the Americans introducing to us?” Professor Jojo Abinales speaks of the times when he was a kid in the Philippines, and recalls how the American wheat started to show up when his town was having rice shortages.

Listen to the episode (and catch Jojo at 5:43) here

View the transcript here