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Annual Report 2019

The Center is pleased to announce the release of our annual report covering 2019. The report is available in PDF form here and on the Annual Reports page.

In this report, we feature our faculty specialist activities over  the course of 2019, special project funding, and highlight some collaborative teacher-student projects that occurred over the course of the  year.

You will also find a list of students who received scholarships  as well as theses and dissertation titles in this report. In 2019, we completed the first year of our Center’s Title VI funding from the U.S. Department of Educations’ FLAS support for 2018-2022. We congratulate ten undergraduates and graduate students who received the 2019  FLAS Fellowship award.

We also highlight Southeast Asia performances including the biannual Indonesian dance and music concerts for the community hosted by the UHM Department of Music. We recap talks on conflict in Myanmar (conflict rubber), talk on Public & Political Criticism in Vietnam, and other talks on Hamilton Library’s digital Borobudur resource. 

Finally, we look at the analytics from our website, social media, and web content outreach efforts. These statistics help us to better understand our visitors’ interests when they visit our website and read our social media posts. We are glad to announce that our bimonthly CSEAS Newsletter increased its subscribers base by 10% from the previous year, and now reaches more than 1500 readers globally. In addition, our website continues to grow as our total unique visitors count increased by 7562 users in 2019 to 30,662.

Read the Annual Report in-browser below: