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NOTICE: AAS Conference CANCELLED. Check the AAS website for further updates.

The Association for Asian Studies Conference will be held in Boston, Massachusetts, from March 19-22, 2020. On this page are the Southeast Asia panel sessions and Meetings-in-Conjunction at a glance. For the most up-to-date information, please visit the AAS Online Program.

Panel Sessions

For locations, times, and abstracts, see the Southeast Asia sessions section of the online program.

Thursday, March 19

  • Buddhist Historical Imaginaries of mid-20th Century Southeast Asia
  • Politics of shamelessness: gender, vulgarity and power in Southeast Asia
  • The Indonesian Council of Ulama and the State’s Islamic Bureaucracy
  • War and “Peace” in South and Southeast Asia: Mobility and Immobility
  • Worlds Transformed: Social and Environmental Change on Southeast Asian Mining Frontiers

Friday, March 20

  • Change but No Change? Perspectives on Thailand’s Post-Election Future
  • Collisions, Contradictions, and Camp: Revisioning Bangsa Malaysia through Malay Performing Arts
  • Genealogies Of Violence in Burma: Incorporating the Rohingya Genocide into Analysis of Burma’s Protracted Civil War
  • Glocalization of Southeast Asian Language Instruction
  • New Perspectives on Cambodia
  • Toward a Thick Understanding of Dutertismo
  • Civil-Military Relations in NLD-led Myanmar
  • Decolonizing Knowledge: Reconceptualizing State-Society Relations in Early Independent Indonesia
  • Decolonizing Southeast Asian Art History
  • Singapore’s next General Election: Return to the contentious “New Normal”?
  • The articulation of area studies and ethnic studies in Southeast Asian Studies
  • Historicizing Normative Masculinities in Island Asia
  • Making Peace: Reimagining Islamic Pasts and Presents in the Philippines
  • Meditation Movements of Modern Myanmar
  • Networks, memories, encounters: a panel in honour of Jeff Hadler (1968-2017)
  • REVISIONING 2020: Wherefore culture, the arts and everyday life in Mahathir’s vision?
  • The Politics of Urban Transport, Infrastructure, and Real-Estate Development in Southeast Asia
  • Vietnamese Literature and Subcultural Lives: Recovering Voices of the Past
  • Engaged Buddhism: Historic Relic of the 1960s or Alive and Well in Contemporary Southeast Asia?
  • Islam, genre, characterization: Javanese literary texts, sixteenth to twenty-first centuries — Part 1
  • Marxism-Maoism in the Margins: Cold War Radicalism in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia
  • Rising Voices in Southeast Asian Studies – New Dimensions of Migration in Southeast Asia
  • The lives and afterlives of four royal women of Vietnam

Saturday, March 21

  • Electoral System Reform in Southeast Asia: Design, Dynamics, and Impact
  • Islam, genre, characterization: Javanese literary texts, sixteenth to twenty-first centuries — Part 2
  • Military and Civilian Encounters with the ‘Communist Threat’ in Indonesia: 1965 to the Present
  • Postcolonial Futures — Nation-building and the Management of Difference in Colonial and Postcolonial Singapore
  • Civil Society and Policy-Making in Contemporary Indonesia
  • Cold War Philippines and Its Afterlives
  • On The Road Again: Reconsidering the State of Theravada Studies
  • Urban Swamps, Sacred Highlands, Island Insurgencies and Bombed Embassies: Localization and the Microdynamics of State-Building in Southern Vietnam
  • Memorialisation and History in Timor-Leste: Beyond a nation-building narrative, towards the knowledge of plural histories?
  • Renegotiating Ethnic Identity in Democratic Myanmar
  • Rethinking the history of capitalism in twentieth century Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore
  • The Chinese Impact on Indonesian politics
  • The Eighteenth Century Philippines: A Connected Archipelago
  • Beyond Theravāda Buddhism: Non-Theravādin Buddhist Women in Southeast Asia
  • Mahathir’s Tales: Narrative(s) and Resistance(s) in New Malaysia
  • Social Life of Print in Colonial Vietnam: From Cultural Economics to Politics of Information

Sunday, March 22

  • Complexities of Religion in Contemporary Indonesia
  • Engendering History: Gender, Sexuality, and Love in Thailand, Lao PDR, and Cambodia
  • Recognizing the Usefulness of Hierarchy in Burma Studies
  • Social Categorization and Religiously-Framed State-Making in Southeast Asia (Session 1 of 2)
  • Balik Bukid: Philippine Agrarian Studies in the Age of Human Capital
  • Beyond Binaries in Southeast Asian Islam Biopolitical Vietnam
  • Social Categorization and Religiously-Framed State-Making in Southeast Asia (Session 2 of 2)
  • Sustainability and Exclusion: Differential Impacts of Resource Governance in Southeast Asia


These events are meetings or receptions/social events held by groups, not panel sessions. A full list of meetings and their locations is available on the Meetings-in-Conjuction page of the online program. To view Southeast Asia meetings only, filter the list using the terms “SEA” or “Southeast Asia”. We also list the Southeast Asia meetings below.

Wednesday, March 18

  • 1:00–2:30 PM: Committee on Research Materials on Southeast Asia (CORMOSEA)
  • 2:45–4:30 PM: Committee on Research Materials on Southeast Asia (CORMOSEA)
  • 6:30–8:30 PM: SEAM Southeast Asia Materials Project

Thursday, March 19

  • 11:00 AM–3:00 PM: SEASSI Fellowships Committee
  • 3:00 PM–3:45 PM: Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute (SEASSI)
  • 4:00 PM–5:30 PM: Southeast Asian Language Council (SEALC)

Saturday, March 21

  • 7:30 PM–9:30 PM: The Council of Teachers of Southeast Asian Languages (COTSEAL) Meeting
  • 7:30 PM–9:30 PM: AIFIS Meeting: Academic Research in Indonesia