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Asia Pacific Dance Festival 2019

The Asia Pacific Dance Festival (APDF) happens in full every two years, with smaller events happening in the intervening years. Last summer, the headline event was the Balinese dance-drama Ramayana: The Abduction of Sita.

This year, the festival will kick off on July 22nd and run through August 4th. The schedule includes a two-week intensive dance workshop, a conference, and several concerts featuring artists from across the Asia-Pacific region. One of the festival resident groups hails from Malaysia:

ASK Dance Company

A professional, award-winning dance collective from Malaysia built upon the philosophy “that to be alive, one must continuously learn, and thus be unafraid to ASK pertinent questions.” Incorporating traditional and contemporary genres of dance, ASK features outstanding dancers and choreographers and strives to play a significant role in bridging innumerable boundaries and breaking glass ceilings nationally and internationally. — photo and text via APDF

The other artists- and groups-in-residence are:

Images via APDF.

For the full conference schedule, tickets, conference registration, and more information on the artists-in-residence, see the APDF website.