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Luce Fellowship Applications Open [Updated 4/26/18]

The Luce Fellowships are funded by a grant from Henry Luce Foundation for the advancement of studies of Southeast Asia. They are geared toward those who are studying Southeast Asia languages. The undergraduate and graduate fellowships are now open for applications. You can find more information including eligibility and the application process on our Luce Fellowships page.

Luce Undergraduate Fellowship

Deadline: May 15, 2018

Award period: Academic Year 2018-19

This award is for first-year language study of Southeast Asian language at UHM! Applicants need no prior experience. Eligible languages offered at UHM include Cambodian (Khmer), Tagalog, Ilokano, Indonesian, Thai, and Vietnamese.

To apply, visit the Luce Fellowships page.

Luce Graduate Fellowship

Deadline: September 29, 2018

Award period: Calendar Year 2019

To apply, visit the Luce Fellowships page.