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Southeast Asia at HIFF Spring Showcase

This year the Hawaiʻi International Film Festival (HIFF) is running two films from Southeast Asia in its Spring Showcase. Don’t miss them! Synopses and links to buy tickets below.

Kiss and Spell (YÊU ĐI, ĐỪNG SỢ!)

(Vietnam, 2018)

Still image from Kiss and Spell (2018)
KISS AND SPELL is a supernatural romantic comedy about a magician and a girl who has the ability to see ghosts. Tung is an up and coming magician, who tends to party a bit too much. However, he meets the mysterious Phuong and his world completely stops. Their romance blossoms but there are immediate pitfalls, disruptive ghosts, which he also can now see! In the meantime, Phuc, Tung’s manager, is trying to steer him to romance a big starlet who can up the ante when it comes his career. Who will he choose, but more so, who are these ghosts and can Tung somehow lead them to crossover?


  • April 7 (Sat), 5:45pm at Dole Cannery
  • April 9 (Mon), 7:45pm at Dole Cannery

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Jimami Tofu

(Japan & Singapore, 2018)

Still from Jimami Tofu (2018)

One of HIFF 2017’s biggest hits, winning the Festival’s coveted Audience Award, JIMAMI TOFU returns for a special “hana hou” presentation at the Spring Showcase!

Ryan (Jason Chan) is an ambitious Singaporean chef working in Tokyo. When his food critic wife Yuki suddenly disappears, it leaves him reeling. In an effort to find her, he sets off to her hometown in Okinawa searching for clues. While Yuki is nowhere in sight, he discovers flavors beyond his imagination at her father’s restaurant.

With the help of Yuki’s childhood friend Nami, Ryan decides he must convince Yuki’s father to teach him his secret recipes. At first incredibly reluctant, her father finally relents to teaching him. Though Ryan’s Tokyo-style cooking won’t fly in this kitchen. But when Yuki’s father suddenly falls ill, will Ryan have what it takes to take over the family business? And will he win back Yuki along the way?


  • April 15 (Sun), 4:45pm at Dole Cannery

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