at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
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UH Gamelan Ensembles – Aloha, Pak Hardja Susilo

About the event:

This concert remembers the passing in 2015 of Pak Hardja Susilo, the founding director of the University of Hawai‘i Gamelan Ensemble.

When a Javanese person passes away, it is customary for family and friends to observe a series of official commemorations, the last occurring one thousand days after the passing. These observances consist of various rituals and activities with the last one sometimes including a performance of gamelan music, dance, or even a shadow play. This is especially the case when the person was of high status or was a musician, dancer, or puppeteer. While this concert is held a few weeks after the thousand day mark, it is our way to additionally honor Pak Susilo by celebrating his life through music and dance.

The concert will feature the Javanese gamelan Kyai Gandrung and the Balinese gamelan Segara Madu, and include performances by members of the Susilo family and other visiting friends.

See the event page for more information about the performance and for ticket information.

Gamelan Ensembles Honoring Pak Hardja Susilo poster