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Talk: Yangon Echoes – Heritage Homes

Yangon Echoes: Inside Heritage Homes

A Joint Talk by Dr. Virginia Henderson and photographer Tim Webster, co-authors of the book entitled “Yangon Echoes: Inside heritage homes”

January 30, 2017
12:00 – 1:00pm
EWC Gallery, John A. Burns Hall


Today, Yangon is probably changing more rapidly than any other urban space in the world. Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is confronting the juggernaut of global capital after fifty years of isolation under socialist military rule. Encountering this sudden turnaround, Yangon residents are grappling with these questions: What is the role of heritage at such a time of profound political, economic and social change? What do heritage and home mean to each of us? How are we informed by the past and what are our means for survival amidst the challenges of great flux?

Yangon Echoes: Inside heritage homes”, an oral history listening project, investigates multicultural diversity and individual everyday lived experiences, revealing the vulnerabilities and pressures on Yangon’s people and its heritage today. The storytellers share thoughts and feelings, speaking of joy and tragedy, simple pleasures and aching issues. Told with courage and charm, the informal stories of home offer insight into what has happened and is happening to the city.

In this talk, Dr. Virginia Henderson and photographer Tim Webster will discuss the exhibition based on their book at the East-West Center Gallery. The exhibition, which will be from January 29 to May 21, 2017, will feature photographs, stories of the residence, and artifacts representing aspects of lived heritage in contemporary Yangon Myanmar (Rangoon, Burma).

Speaker Bio

Virginia Henderson collaborates with local communities and development agencies to facilitate and document cultural projects. A trained oral historian, she has a doctorate in heritage management.




Photographer and writer Tim Webster has a background in archival heritage documentation, education and physics.




This talk is co-sponsored by CSEAS and EWC Arts Program. It is free and open to the public.

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