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Teacher Workshop: Indonesia Sea of Islands

Join the Pacific & Asian Affairs Council (PAAC) for a special teacher’s workshop on “Indonesia: Sea of Islands” which fittingly describes this Southeast Asian nation with approximately 17,000 islands.

Friday, September 30 – Saturday, October 1, 2016
East-West Center, Burns Hall Registration Deadline: September 16

Indonesia truly demonstrates “Unity in Diversity” the country’s motto.  This teacher workshop will present an overview of its history and culture; and examine its regional and global importance.

Indonesia’s democratic transition and overall stability are pivotal in the regional and global economy.  Geographically, it sits at the crossroads of maritime trade for the entire region.  As an important U.S. ally, it is also the world’s largest Muslim country.  Culturally, its arts and music traditions are as diverse and rich as its population.

This interactive teacher workshop is co-sponsored by the East-West Center Arts Program and the Pacific and Asian Affairs Council (PAAC).  There will be content presentations; hands-on Balinese music workshop; relevant K12 curriculum shared; and traditional dance performance.

Workshop: Indonesia Sea of Islands Pacific & Asian Affairs Council