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The Center for Southeast Asian Studies > Ub-ufok Ad Fiallig Overview > Teaching Modules > Module 3 – Amfusnun: Love, Marriage and Honor

Module 3 – Amfusnun: Love, Marriage and Honor

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Amfusnun, Barligís hero-ancestor and forefather of many of today’s Ifiallig people, fell in love with a woman he was supposed to kill during headhunting. Instead of capturing her head, he asked for her hand in marriage. This is a tale of valor and deception derived from the narrative of vilage elder Arfonso Nacleo as passed on to him by Churay


Lesson 1: Love and the Ifiallig

Romantic love is a universal emotion experienced by many people across cultures. Various cultures express love in different ways, because culture has a major impact on how love is viewed and conveyed (Karandashev: Cultural Perspective on Love).


  1. Students read or watch Amfusnun.
  2. Students discuss the story.

Why did the men plot to take the head of Inwayas at the spring?

How did Amfusnun and Inwayas fall in love?

How did Amfusnun and Inwayas convey their love for each other?

Do you think Amfusnun and Inwayas come from rival villages?

Why do you think Inwayas’ brother harbored a deep resentment toward Amfusnun?

How is love expressed in your culture?

How is it different from the Ifiallig?