Kong Nay

Master chapei player Kong Nay is a Cambodian living legend and his music continues to inspire young and old.
Link to original photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/haseebansar/487943741/in/photolist-3ecxFX-Ej4Ep-K7QF8-97qNRC-6svWn4-6svWdz-d97Dr5-4Ab52m-ah4r2K-9oTfwG-3ecyzx-8rVFtp-8AZELa-8B3M9Q-cEMd3Q-5fo6Ft-ykTzd-ykTj5-axPExH-6D97Lq-juAd9-juKvN-juEiD-8RqvpR-53HwPe-civQ1j-acnj6n-fvdA6-fvdAi-bs1xmj-bs1xfu-8nZ4DC-8qjstP-dnqQqh-dbSys5-dbSw3u-dbSta5-59mrPF-br4Paj-59qAuQ-4f6ZCM-5fspzy-7NJWbU-bs1xsQ-bs1xym-9LSzMb-9LSz1o-7R7kJX-dg6V6H-dg6VbV

Mystical Poetry Night

The Islamic Society at UH and the EWC Participants Association are hosting a night of food, poetry recitals, open mic, and a performance by the local Sufi group.

Aliff Aziz

Aliff Aziz is an emerging Malay artist from Singapore who sings alongside Hao Ren in the featured video.

Harem Belle

Song: ต่อจากคำว่ารัก by Harem Belle (2012) from the album Full Moon. Visitors can listen to the Featured Song by clicking the play button above. The SEA Song of the Week–“ต่อจากคำว่ารัก” (From ...


This week we feature early 1990s ska beats from the Philippines with "Manilla Girl," by Put3ska.

Indra Aziz TED Talk

Indra Aziz talks about owing his life to music at TEDxUbud in 2012.


The Indonesian band formally known as Peterpan reunited in 2012 under the new name NOAH with similar rock pop hits.