Film: Wadjda

Wadjda—the first full-length feature film to be made entirely in Saudi Arabia, and the first feature from the female director Haifaa Al-Mansour—turns a little girl’s quest to earn the money for her o...


Join us for a screening of the first full-length film to be made entirely in Saudi Arabia, and the first from a female director.

Mystical Poetry Night

Submissions wanted for the Islamic Society at the University of Hawaiʻi's 4th Annual Mystical Poetry Night on 03/13/15!
Baby Arabia image

Baby Arabia

September 24 is officially Islam day in the State of Hawaiʻi and CSEAS is proud to present Baby Arabia as part of the festivities!
Link to original photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/haseebansar/487943741/in/photolist-3ecxFX-Ej4Ep-K7QF8-97qNRC-6svWn4-6svWdz-d97Dr5-4Ab52m-ah4r2K-9oTfwG-3ecyzx-8rVFtp-8AZELa-8B3M9Q-cEMd3Q-5fo6Ft-ykTzd-ykTj5-axPExH-6D97Lq-juAd9-juKvN-juEiD-8RqvpR-53HwPe-civQ1j-acnj6n-fvdA6-fvdAi-bs1xmj-bs1xfu-8nZ4DC-8qjstP-dnqQqh-dbSys5-dbSw3u-dbSta5-59mrPF-br4Paj-59qAuQ-4f6ZCM-5fspzy-7NJWbU-bs1xsQ-bs1xym-9LSzMb-9LSz1o-7R7kJX-dg6V6H-dg6VbV

Mystical Poetry Night

The Islamic Society at UH and the EWC Participants Association are hosting a night of food, poetry recitals, open mic, and a performance by the local Sufi group.