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General Style Guidelines

  • Completed papers only (no first drafts)
  • MS Word documents only (.doc)
  • 35 pages or less, inclusive of references
  • Double-spaced
  • 12 pt. font in Times New Roman
  • Margins no less than: 1.25″ right and left margins; 1″ top and bottom
  • Remove all headers and footers, table of contents is not necessary
  • If headings are used within the paper, they should be consistent and not numbered
  • Include a 100-150 word abstract
  • If submitting images, tables or charts, include captions and source information. Images should be in jpegformat. Original photographs will not be returned.
  • Author’s name, current status (i.e. PhD student), department and university/college affiliation, mailing address, phone and email should be included on a cover-page. Author’s name should not appear anywhere else in the paper, to allow for blind review.
  • References (following the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th ed. Sections 16.90- 16.120) and the Journal of Asian Studies (Michigan):
  • In-text references must include: author’s last name, year of publication and page number for given information. If the author’s name is in the text, follow it with the year in parentheses, e.g.: Woo (1968). If the author’s name is not in the text, the reference should include it: (Woo 1968). If the author’s name is in the text, the page number follows the year of publication after a colon, e.g.: Woo (1968:23), or with the author’s name if not in the text, e.g.: (Woo 1968:23). Give both last names for works with two authors, e.g.: (Woo and Lee 1999); for works with more than two authors, cite all names in the first reference, and thereafter use “et al.,” e.g.: (Woo, Lee and Wang 1999:23) (first time); thereafter (Woo et al. 1999:24). Separate series of references with semi-colons and enclose them within a single pair of parentheses, e.g.: (Anderson 1991; Quincy 1999; Zinoman 2000).
  • Endnotes may be used where necessary, not footnotes. Number endnotes using Arabic numerals and include all necessary reference information. Avoid excessive abbreviation.
  • References should be included after endnotes, on a separate page entitled “References.” Full citation information of all references used should be provided, following the “Author-Date system” as outlined in the Chicago Manual of Style, sections 16.90-120.

Reference Examples

Andaya, Barbara Watson. 1993. “Upstreams and Downstreams in Early Modern Sumatra.” Historian 57(3):537-52.

Gladney, Dru C. 1991. Muslim Chinese: Ethnic Nationalism in the People’s Republic. Cambridge: Harvard University Press.

For questions on style and submissions please contact us. Completed papers should be sent by email to explore@hawaii.edu.