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The Center for Southeast Asian Studies > Projects > Ub-ufok Ad Fiallig Overview > Teaching Modules > Module 9. Kopkoppatti: Sympathetic Magic, Land Ownership and the Babaylan (Shaman) > Greed in the Cordilleras

Greed in the Cordilleras

Landslide1 - Greed in the CordillerasLandslide 2 - Greed in the CordillerasLandslide3 - Greed in the CordillerasLandslide4 - Greed in the CordillerasLandslide5 - Greed in the CordillerasLandslide6 - Greed in the CordillerasLandslide7 - Greed in the CordillerasLandslide8 - Greed in the CordillerasLandslide9 - Greed in the Cordilleras

Source: Reyes, Jenny. (Update) Arroyo Mining and Greed are Culprits of Landslides, Floods. Retrieved on May 24, 2018 at