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Teaching Modules


The Ub-Ufok (oob-oofok) Ad Fiallig: Tales of Enchantment teaching module is designed for instructors of Filipino Language and Literature, Philippine Folklore and indigenous people of the Philippines. Its aim is to teach students to reflect on their personal histories and cultural identities while learning the culture of the Ifiallig people, an indigenous community in Barlig, Philippines. Students learn the oral tradition of the Ifiallig and discuss this in a broader cultural and historical context through digital videos in Tagalog (with English subtitles).

Learning Objectives

  1. Learning about our culture and the role of orature or storytelling in different Philippine ethnic groups increases our understanding of ourselves and our integral relationship with our communities.
  2. Learning about our personal histories and culture is empowering as it helps us overcome our own stereotypes about ourselves through understanding the depth of our culture and history.
  3. Learning about our culture helps us build a sense of cultural pride.
  4. Learning about our culture guides us towards a deeper understanding of our ancestral roots.
  5. Learning about our culture teaches us to appreciate the diversity of the Philippine culture.


(Click the images to see the full modules and watch the videos)

Module 1. Tilag: Valuing Our Roots


Module 2. Kutuktin: Storytelling and Life Lessons from Home


 Module 3. Amfusnun: Headhunting and Honor


Module 4. Linmipaw: Gender and Indigenous Spirituality

Module 5. Siblaw Taraw: Love and Betrayal

Siblaw Taraw

Module 6. Maanam-am: Nurturing the Earth, Nurturing Ourselves

Maanam-Am preview card

Module 7. Kiangsa: Soul Music

Kiangsa preview card

Module 8. Tabfiad: Diaspora and Sense of Place

Tabfiad preview

Module 9. Kopkoppatti: Sympathetic Magic, Land Ownership and the Babaylan (Shaman) 

Ub-ufok Ad Fiallig Module 9: Kopkoppatti

Module 10. Uwak at Fianyas: Tattoo Tradition and Expression of Beauty

Video coming soon