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General Southeast Asia

ASEAN Media Portal
Hosting new and archived multimedia clips on news, documentaries, culture, arts, heritage and tourism information of ASEAN’s member countries
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Southeast Asia Pacific Audiovisual Archives Association
An association of organizations and individuals involved in the development of audiovisual archiving in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand and the Pacific Islands
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The Audiovisual Resource Center collects the images and sounds of the Cambodian memory and makes them available to a wide public and trains Cambodians in the audiovisual professions
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Sinematek Indonesia
Online digital archive of Indonesian films
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National Film Archive and Video Centre
Established in 1991, the National Fim Archive and Video Centre is charged with preserving the Lao film and video heritage
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National Archives of Malaysia
The National Archives acts as a national resource and research center
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Myanmar Moving Image Center
Myanmar Moving Image Center (MMIC) was started as an educational organization with an aim to provide a quality education on film and video for Myanmar people
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Asian Film Archive
The Asian Film Archive is a non-governmental organisation founded to preserve the rich film heritage of Singapore and Asian Cinema
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Thai Film Archive
The Thai Film Archive was established in 1984 as the National Film Archive as a unit under the Fine Arts Department
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Viet Nam

Vietnam Film Institute
Established in 1979 the Vietnam Film Institute has been appointed by the government of Vietnam to undertake research studies on the art of cinema
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