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Southeast Asia Papers and Panels at 2018 AAS Annual Conference

The Association for Asian Studies (AAS) is a scholarly, non-political, non-profit professional association open to all persons interested in Asia and the study of Asia. The Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference is the largest Asian Studies conference held in North America. This year it is being held in Washington, D.C., from March 22-25, 2018. Additionally, two panels (#217 and #259) are being organized by UH Mānoa faculty and students. We have compiled Southeast Asia panels and papers here for your viewing convenience. We have also compiled a list of Southeast Asia films which will be screened at the conference.


AAS has posted a searchable database of all the papers being presented at the 2018 Conference. Click here to see the Southeast Asia-focus papers.


For panel information including organizers and abstracts, click here (PDF). 20. Mimetic Entanglements: Rethinking Sociopolitical Dynamics in Upland Southeast Asia 21. The Cambodian 2018 Election: Youth, Party Strategies, and the New Political Landscape 22. “Saving the Soul of Our Youth:” Religious Education and Ethical Dilemmas in Southeast Asia 62. Contesting Religious Authority in Southeast Asia: Comparison Across Religions 63. Airs, Waters, Places and the Peoples Who Use and Abuse All of Them in Southeast Asia 64. Vietnam’s Modern Underworlds 99. Queerness 100. Speculative Futures of the Southeast Asian City Part I: Urban Consequences of Economic Change 101. Thailand 4.0: Reading the Military Junta’s “Roadmap”? 102. Inter-Asian Intimacies and Interdictions in Colonial and Postcolonial Southeast Asia 144. Speculative Futures of the Southeast Asian City (Part II): Cultural Politics of Economic Change 145. Beyond Borders: Global Perspectives on Early Communist Movements in the Malay World 146. Contested “Chineseness” in Cold War East and Southeast Asia: Literature, Cinema, and Publishing 147. Visual and Material Translation: Southeast Asian Elite Cultural Constructions in Late 19th-Early 20th Century Southeast Asia 148. The Politics of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Contemporary Vietnam 177. Liberalism and Its Discontents in Southeast Asia 178. Unpacking Indonesia’s Nahdlatul Ulama: Internal Tensions, Regional Variations, and Current Transformations 179. History, Ecology, Literature: Dwelling in Sinophone Writings 180. Subaltern Bodies in Film and Literature 216. Timor-Leste: Historical and Archival Perspectives 217. 20 Years after Suharto: Trajectories of State and Social Forces in Indonesian Politics 218. Difference, Belonging, and the Politics of Memory at Southeast Asia’s Margins 219. Re-locating Taiwan in Southeast Asia: A Multifaceted Engagement 220. Disciplinary Idioms: Reason, Rhetoric & Repression in Southeast Asian Modernity 244. Communicating Content: Linking Southeast Asian Language Instruction to Area Studies 257. Media, Messaging, and Mystics: Thinking through Religious Encounters 258. Technopolitics in Southeast Asia 259. Landscape Change in Mainland Southeast Asia: Collaborative Research Across Institutions, Geographies and Generations 260. Contemporary Populism in Southeast Asia 261. The Public Spectacle of Loss: Royal Funeral Monuments in Modern Thai and Khmer Buddhism 262. Imagining Boundaries and Peripheries in Indonesia 281. Expanding Language Instruction on Your Campus; New Possibilities through Distance 290. Border Theories 295. (Re)claiming Identity: Reflections on Heritage Students’ Participation in Study Abroad Programs in Post-Conflict Southeast Asia 296. Politics and Elections in Thailand 297. Whose Culture? : The Return of Cultural Treasures 298. Huy Đức and His Pioneering History of Post-1975 Vietnam, Bên Thắng Cuộc [The Winning Side] 299. Islam and the Mediation of the Indonesian Public Sphere 300. Varieties of Land Dispossession in Mainland Southeast Asia 301. Historical Imaginations: Science, Knowledge, and Environment 336. Cultural Flows Across Uneven Borders 337. Nation-States, Migration, and Popular Sovereignty: Evidence from the History of Modern Vietnam 338. Lecturing Orthodoxy from the Periphery: Religious Beliefs and Texts in Early Twentieth Century Vietnam 380. Reflecting the Development of Southeast Asian Studies Through the Analysis of Library Collection and Journal Assessment in Japan and the United States 381. Manipulating Fear for Political Gain in Southeast Asia 382. Food, Belonging and Identity in Colonial and Post-colonial Malaysia/Singapore 421. Performing Citizenship in Singapore 422. Constructions of Human Rights in Contemporary Southeast Asia