• Lovely Man

    Lovely Man

    The complex relationship between a devout Muslim and her transgender father is explored in the film Lovely Man. (on 4/23)

  • Photo From http://film.culture360.asef.org/magazine/5699/

    Featured 2014 Summer Courses

    For students interested in film, the arts and humanities, we have some featured multidisciplinary courses that will be offered this summer.

  • Bookshelf - Main - Architecture

    Exploring Southeast Asian Architecture

    This week we feature writing on the diverse and changing architectural styles in Southeast Asia.

  • aspidistrafly


    This week we feature the mellow experimental ambient sounds from a Singapore duo who are also widely popular in Japan.

  • obinkomara

    Josephine “Obin” Komara TED Talk

    Obin gives a rare look into her childhood and how it shaped her views on batik fashion and her own identity in the fashion world.