• hiff2014

    Southeast Asia Films at HIFF 2014

    The upcoming 2014 Hawaii International Film Festival will feature 13 including the first commercial film to come out of Brunei’s in over 50 years.

  • openaccessbandaya

    Open Access & SEA Histories

    Dr. Barbara Watson Andaya talks about her experience providing open access to her book in a UHM library blog post.

  • SEA-Food

    Cooking Southeast Asia

    Our first bookshelf for the Fall 2014 semester will wet your appetite for SEA food!

  • empatlima

    Empat Lima

    This Aussie trio combines Japanese, Thai, and Indonesian beats from the 60s into a unique psychedelic groove!

  • homelesschicken

    CSEAS on Hold

    CSEAS statement on our current graduate assistant employee situation