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List of Current & Past Luce Awardees


Luce Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship for Southeast Asian Language Study


  • Romel Gaspar (BS, Travel Industry Management) –  Tagalog 
  • Dylan Lee (BA, Theatre) – Vietnamese


  • Faith Hall (BA, Anthropology) – Indonesian
  • Evan Rabanal (BS, Public Health) – Tagalog
  • Terry Joan Salaga (BA, Philippine Studies) – Vietnamese

Luce Graduate Research Fellowship


  • R.L. Hughes (MA student, Second Language Studies)
    Project: Spending Summer 2019 working under the tutelage of Muhammad Yasir and Professor Saut Situmorang, both authors and activists, to pursue a passion for Indonesian language, literature, and future teaching.
  • Benjamin Moseley (PhD student, Southeast Asian History)
    Project: Fieldwork in Maluku, East Indonesia, focusing on the historical relations between local communities, Catholic missionaries, and Portuguese administrators and colonists, throughout the eastern Malay-Indonesian Archipelago during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.


  • A. L. Blake (PhD, Linguistics)
    Project: Documenting the botanical language of the Abui people of Alor Island, East Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia
  • Brendan Flanagan (MA, Anthropology)
    Project: Forest use strategies of the Karen people in the Kamoethway River valley, southern Myanmar


  • Phoebe France (PhD, Anthropology)
    • Project: Archaeological field research in the Angkor region of northwest Cambodia
  • Dylan Beatty (PhD, Geography)
    • Project: Field research on endangered fishing communities in the Philippines

Hawaiʻi/Wisconsin LUCE Faculty-Student Collaborative Research Fellowship


  • Faculty Mentor
    • Professor Jonathan Padwe, UHM Department of Anthropology
  • Collaborating students:
    • William Shattuck (Phd student, Geography, University of Wisconsin, Madison)
    • Phianpachong lntarat (MA student, Anthropology, University of Hawai’i at Manoa).
  • Research Project
    • Covering Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos to assess the problems of landscape change with a focus on the issues of access to land and social marginalization occasioned by the rapid transformation of the region’s rural political economy.