This week we are rockin' out to the sounds from a popular Myanmar alternative rock band.

Candy Mafia

Bubbles are floating around the office with the feature of this pop music phenomenon from Thailand!


SessiOnroad's sound is a culmination of an extensive selection of genres from more than a decade of playing around the Philippines.

Band Teleu Nekaf

A rare find this week is our first Timor song from the Meto people.

Tùng Dương

Tùng Dương is known as one of Viet Namʻs most experimental singers who to performs in numerous music genres, such as electronic and New Age.

Sixty Miles

We welcome you to Fall 2013 with the single "Waet Mohn" (Incantations) by Sixty Miles.

I Mean the Snakes

I Mean the Snakes are Brunei Darussalam’s first Indie Band and considered the pioneers of Brunei's hipster movement.

Big Bag

Big Bag is one of the prominent punk rock groups of modern Myanmar.

Laila’s Lounge

Enjoy the mellow indie sounds from our featured song of the week.


Are you seeing double? This week we feature a song from the "twins" BY2.