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Faculty Travel

A call for applications for 2018 travel grant applications is forthcoming (fall semester 2017).


Former round of funding (2017):

Period of Travel: January 1, 2017 to August 1, 2017

Deadline: Friday, December 9, 2016.

Application: Complete the online application from our website and submit additional materials as a pdf to by the deadline above.

Questions: Email Paul Rausch

CSEAS is pleased to announce that there is limited travel funding to offer our Southeast Asia teaching/research/staff colleagues in 2017. Please note that this funding is a subsidy to other travel funding. It is NOT meant to cover all costs related to travel as our available fund is quite small. Thank you for your understanding

Please note that UHM might provide additional faculty travel funding support through the Faculty Research Travel Fund (OVCR). Information can found here: Faculty Research Travel Fund

IMPORTANT NOTE: The funding in this round will serve to provide airfare assistance for DOMESTIC travel only  to conferences/workshops/seminars. The subsidy will be capped at $1,000 per award (or actual lower ticket cost). Applicants should select the least costly point-to-point airfare possible for their travel. If you have any questions, please contact Paul before making travel arrangements.

NRC themes for this round include:

  • SEA STEM projects
  • Work with community colleges and minority serving institutions (MSI)
  • Teacher education
  • SEA theatre & dance
  • SEA religion and cross-cultural studies
  • Web-based SEA resource content development
  • SEA language
  • SEA film
  • Library SEA resource development

The travel application is form-fillable and submitted with a click of a button. Supporting documents should be submitted electronically in pdf format to by Friday, December 9, 2016. Hard copies will not be accepted. PLEASE NOTE THE DEADLINE. No applications will be accepted after December 9, 2016.  



The Center for Southeast Asian Studies has limited funds to support travel to conferences, meetings, and organizational activities that further the Center’s objectives of advancing the study of Southeast Asia at UHM. Please note the recent changes to past travel practices:

  • The DOE will only approve travel that complements or enhances the Center’s NRC funded projects.
  • The DOE will no longer accept requests for reimbursements for travel already completed (does not apply to domestic travel).

Foreign Travel (not applicable in 2017)

Foreign/domestic travel must use an American carrier! If you are traveling abroad, you must fly on an American carrier and CSEAS must obtain approval for your travel from the US Department of Education 30 days before your departure. (Not applicable in 2017)

Economy Travel

Airfare must be economy class using excursion fares and advance-booking when possible. Certain “code-share” tickets are acceptable if the ticketing carrier is of US origin. Not sure? Check with Paul.

Other funding sources

We encourage faculty to explore as many sources of funding as possible. UHM faculty travel funding support is also available through the Faculty Research Travel Fund (OVCR). Information can be found here: Faculty Research Travel Fund.

Travel Award Funds

Upon notification of award of funds the standard Travel Request and Travel Completion forms must be processed by your department or program and sent to CSEAS (Moore 416) for the account number and additional signatures. Questions related to travel may be directed to Helen Lee at 956-6083 or

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