Paperplane Pursuit

Check out the latest pop sensation to come out of Malaysia, Paperplane Pursuit!


Listen to the smooth electronic pop beats from Malaysia's Tenderfist, our featured artists this week.

Citizens of Ice Cream

The CSEAS Music program returns this semester with an instrumental band from Malaysia.

Yogi B.

This week we feature Tamil hip-hop from one of the top performers in the Tamil-speaking world.

Zee Avi

Our Music program returns to CSEAS after a short hiatus with the award-winning international Malay artist, Zee Avi.

Aliff Aziz

Aliff Aziz is an emerging Malay artist from Singapore who sings alongside Hao Ren in the featured video.


We open our 2014 music program with a 2013 Anugerah Industri Muzik Malaysia best pop song, Lelaki, from the pop sensation Yuna.


Raihan is one of the most successful artists in Malaysia with the highest number of albums sold!

Laila’s Lounge

Enjoy the mellow indie sounds from our featured song of the week.

Ziana Zain

This week we feature the multi-talented Ziana Zain as your first Spring 2013 SoTW.