The Year of Living Dangerously

Join us for a classic film set when the Sukarno regime was shaky and the war in Viet Nam was just heating up. (Film screens on 3/19)

Petaling Street Warriors

Join in the action-packed kung fu action involving Cantonese gangsters, casino bosses, brothel mamasans, Japanese ninjas, and a corrupt English policemen! (on 2/26)


Ratanaruang, a star of the Thai new wave, drenches his film in classic noir style, filling it full of shadows and rain. (on 02/05)

Forever Fever

CSEAS celebrates Chinese New Year and Tết by featuring a romantic comedy about disco in Singapore. (on 01/29)

The Sapphires

The SEA Film program opens it's 19th semester with a screening of The Sapphires, a film about troop entertainment during the Viet Nam war. (on 01/22)

Barefoot Dream

Kim Won Kang, a former player for the Korean national team who has fallen on hard times, ends up in East Timor and coaching a new team (on 12/04).

Nobody, nobody but Juan

The boundless Filipino spirit and good humor are featured in this week's film (on 11/13).


Shutter is one of the best films in the recent flowering of Asian horror cinema (on 10/30). Happy Halloween from CSEAS!