Harem Belle

CSEAS features alternative rock tunes from Harem Belle as our featured song of the week.

Jon Jandai TED Talk

Jon Jandai speaks at TEDxDoiSuthep (2011) about how life is easy, yet why do we make it so hard?


Ratanaruang, a star of the Thai new wave, drenches his film in classic noir style, filling it full of shadows and rain. (on 02/05)


Shutter is one of the best films in the recent flowering of Asian horror cinema (on 10/30). Happy Halloween from CSEAS!

Thai Studies at UH-Mānoa

Interested in an Asian studies Thai focus and/or Thai language at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa? Check out this post to view the brochure.

Candy Mafia

Bubbles are floating around the office with the feature of this pop music phenomenon from Thailand!