The Observatory

We present the dark mysterious electronic atmospheric music from The Observatory just in time for Halloween!
Lee Kuan Yew

Lee Kuan Yew

Featuring five recently published books on the "Founding Father of Singapore"


Are you seeing double? This week we feature a song from the "twins" BY2.
Dance Dance Dragon image

Dance Dance Dragon

Mother Loong prays one day she will get a Dragon Year grandson who will take over the family dance troupe before speculators steal the land...


This week we present a rock ballad from the alternative rock band Lunarin!

History of Singapore

This week we feature five publications about the history of Singapore.
Force Vomit

Force Vomit

This week we bring you Singapore's Force Vomit. Hopefully their music doesn't induce the name of the band. Enjoy!

Sandcastle (沙城)

The blending of guilty family secrets and the ghosts of Singapore's recent past create an involving narrative that is related with tenderhearted understatement. (on 9/12)