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Timor-Leste Dance Off in Dili

The Animatism team chats the Endure crew in Timor-Leste about setting up some interesting locations for a dance battle – searching for something that would have cultural significance to symbolise a new and independent East Timor.

Animatism is a project delivering artistic action and creative ideas between Melbourne and East Timor. Find out more at

Animatism supports cultural exchange, festival and showcase opportunities for collaborations between Australian and East Timorese artists, led by East Timor’s free art school, Arte Moris and Melbourne based artists and creative producers.

The project develops spaces for intergenerational cultural exchange and dialogue around artistic resilience, peace and the creative articulation of a unified vision of contemporary East Timor.

The project advocates for creative ways to bring Australians and East Timorese together in partnership, deepening cross-cultural understanding across the Asia-Pacific region, developing new creative works for Australian and East Timorese audiences and broadening artistic networks between the two countries.

It is a project that builds knowledge in the region about life through art.

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