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Children’s Books from the Philippines

Filipino Celebrations: A Treasury of Feasts and Festivals
Liana Romulo (Author) and Corazon Dandan-Albano (Illustrator)

In the Philippines, people love to celebrate—holidays are filled with music and dancing, sometimes with colorful costumes, and always with great food! Rich with detailed watercolors and cultural flavor, Filipino Celebrations: A Treasury of Feasts and Festivals makes major holidays (like Christmas) and family gatherings (like weddings and birthdays) come alive.

From these pages, children will learn the history of each holiday, its cultural influences, the varied ways in which people celebrate in different regions of the Philippines, special customs and food, key words and phrases (in English and Tagalog), and more. Games, songs, and other activities invite young readers to join in the fun. New and familiar holidays take on a special flavor as children learn about the diverse cultures that make up this wonderful island nation. Perfect for Filipino-American families looking to share the unique culture of the Philippines, educators interested in promoting multiculturalism in the classroom, or anyone interested in the country, Filipino Celebrations will encourage children ages five to ten to participate and learn while having fun.

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Ngumiti si Andoy
Soren Ivarsson and Lotte Isager (Editors)

TA book in two languages (Tagalog and English). Ngumiti si Andoy. Ito and simula ng kuwento ni Andrew na nagsimula sa kanilang Heroes Park. Gusto lamang niyang iguhit ang estatwa ni Andres Bonifacio nang matuklasan niya ang ilang lihim sa buhay ng bayani. Ito ay rekomendado sa mga batang edad 9 pataas.

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Araw Sa Palengke
May Tobias-Papa (Author) and Isabel Roxas (Illustrator)

Winner – 2010 National Children’s Book Awards, Best Reads for Children. I’m coming with Nanay! We’re going to the market. What would we see there? Who would I meet? Come, join us! Today is market day! Sasama ako kay Nanay! Pupunta kami sa palengke. Ano-ano kaya ang makikita namin doon? Sino-sino kaya ang makikilala ko? Tara, sama ka. Ngayon ay araw ng palengke!  “Listen well,” her mother tells her. “Hold on to me tightly, ha? So you won’t get lost. And don’t point at things that you want me to buy for you.” And so the story begins with a promise: “Yes, Nanay, I promise.” Early one morning, a little girl accompanies her mother to the market. They take readers with them. The market is hot and noisy, smelly and muddy, but it’s also fascinating and colorful, because it’s seen from a point of view that’s only about three feet tall. When they arrive home, and our little girl unpacks the bayong (bag) to find a surprise wrapped in newspaper at the bottom, it’s her joy we feel in the little dance that she does. Araw sa Palengke is a true marriage of text and visual image. The story by May Tobias-Papa is gentle and straightforward, and the illustrations by Isabel Roxas are charming and finely detailed. The result is a lighthearted picture book that is nuanced, controlled, and thoroughly engaging. A really good read. ~ Citation from the National Children’s Book Awards

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Jomike Tejido (Author), English translation by Fran Ng (Translator)

Award-winning illustrator Jomike Tejido introduces the monsters of Philippine folklore to a new generation of Filipinos. Writing in verse, he presents the tikbalang, tiyanak, kapre, aswang, manananggal, multo, tiktik, siyokoy, bungisngis, and nuno sa punso in a hilarious light. Sophia, initially afraid of a mumu in their house, eventually falls asleep with the help of her loving grandfather. This is a book that can be appreciated the whole year round, and not just Halloween.

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