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Apps-Google-Music-Metro-iconSong: Moit Muoy Chet Py by Pich Sophea from the album Rasmey Hang Meas No. 379 (2010). Visitors can listen to the Featured Song by clicking the play button above.

Pich Sophea was born in 1985 at Phnom Penh in Cambodia. Her nick name is Sdey. She dropped out high school and started to sell sugarcane juice to earn money in order to support her family. But that didn’t give her enough money for her family. She then decided to became a singer at a restaruant. Since then, her talented and powerful voice brought her to the the biggest and most sucessful music production company in Cambodia: Hang Meas Production. In 2004, with her first song’s Better Day, she became more and more popular. Now, after more then ten years of career, she acheive to be one of the four talented coaches of the very popular tv show The Voice Cambodia. –pichsophea.com

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