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Filipino Literature by Ninotchka Rosca

Barkada ng Lima: Gang of Five
Ninotchka Rosca (Author) and Pia Arboleda (Translator)

Five short stories originally written in English by American Book Awarded Ninotchka Rosca, translated into Tagalog by Pia Arboleda, head of the Filipino and Philippine Literature Program of the University of Hawaii. The book is in both English and Tagalog.

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State of War: A Novel of Life in the Philippines
Ninotchka Rosca

An endless festival amidst an endless war is the central image of this novel of the Philippines of the time of Marcos. Three young people seek relief from the suffocating repression and brutality of the Dictatorship by joining an ancient festival in the island of K—-. They find instead that the war has followed them and that the festival is but a metaphor for an entire society and culture in conflict. The three find distinct destinies of death, liberation, affirmation and ultimately, salvation. This book is now considered a classic of Philippine literature.

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Twice Blessed: A Novel

Ninotchka Rosca

Born to an impoverished warlord clan, twins Hector and Katerina come to dominate the Philippines through their political and social maneuvering. By the author of State of War.

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The Monsoon Collection
Ninotchka Rosca

The Monsoon Collection (nine stories and nine vignettes) is structured like the kundiman, the Philippines’ classic love aria, where pain, death, and romance are inseparable. Indeed, the collection’s tone of muted rage can only come from a deep and abiding love for a people and a nation.”

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