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Aziz Haron



Apps-Google-Music-Metro-iconSong: Senyum by Aziz Haron from the single Senyum (2014). Visitors can listen to the Featured Song by clicking the play button above.

Aziz Haron is a young singer and songwriter from Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei, who celebrated his 16th birthday on Dec 2, 2014. Aziz won the talent search for pre-teens Bintang Kecil in 2009 but he has been singing since he was 3. He co-wrote and co-composed Senyum with award-winning singer and songwriter Faizal Tahir and Mike Chan, and it is one of his three singles out in the market. “Previously, I had the single Peace And Harmony, a 2010 song that speaks to the heart about the need for healing and sharing. It was very well-received in my home country Brunei; I’m delighted that Malaysians love it too,” says Aziz, the youngest of six siblings. His second single, Never Gonna Stop, came out in May 2013. “It was a very Justin Bieber-ish pop and dance song. While I’m not really a fan of Bieber, I admire his hard work and honesty, and I think he’s deservedly a teen idol.

“Jason Mraz is my all-time favourite American singer and songwriter, and all of his songs are joyous and motivating to me, for example, the song I’m Yours. “I also admire Faizal, my Malaysian sifu who is talented, knowledgeable and fun, and of course, Datuk Jamal Abdillah, the manly voice of Malaysian pop and ballads.

Aziz, who studies at Jerudong International School, Bandar Seri Begawan, also admires US-based singer and songwriter Yuna, rock group Hujan’s lead singer Noh Salleh and award-winning pop singers from Kuching, Hafiz Suip and Dayang Nurfaizah. “While they sing mostly in Malay, I sing mostly in English. However, I’m gradually learning to compose and write in Malay too, and that’s to penetrate the regional market. Aziz has always wanted to be a successful musician and his parents, who are music lovers, give him “lots of support and encouragement”. “However, that’s on condition that I complete my education. It’s always good to be an educated musician,” says Aziz who aims to pursue a degree in business or economics.

Aziz wrote his first song when he was 9. “I’ve penned many others since then, but my first song out there was Random Hook on YouTube.” Aziz met Faizal after Bintang Kecil and he has learnt the art of showmanship from his mentor. “Faizal has taught me the importance of staying focused and communicating effectively with listeners each time I perform songs for them. “I have to treat every song as a story and give it heart and soul, so as to tell my stories effectively to listeners.” Aziz has yet to do music videos for his songs, but he will soon record one for Senyum which is “catchy and memorable”. “Fans will get to remember songs not only by their strong lyrics, but also harmonious melodies and, better still, well-produced music videos.”

Aziz has been nominated for awards in his country’s annual music industry awards, and hopes to take home a prize or two someday. “While it’s good to win back home, victory is sweeter in Malaysia, where the music market is way bigger, or even in the region, especially Indonesia. I’m determined to work hard to earn a place in the MTV World Stage one day. “Better still, it’ll be sweet victory to be nominated for the regional MTV awards and Anugerah Planet Muzik,” says Aziz. While Aziz loves pop and rock music, he also enjoys listening to traditional Malay music or lagu asli as his parents do. “I sometimes sing traditional music, but I admit that’s not my forte.

“Nevertheless, I would love to master some very good traditional Malay songs because they are my country’s heritage, and it is important never to forget your roots.” Aziz, who has performed at the Fourth Marketplace Creative Arts Festival in Bandung, Indonesia in 2012 hopes to collaborate with the region’s most bankable Malay language artistes as his career progresses.

“I’d love to sing with Jamal and Hafiz from Malaysia, Singapore’s Taufik Batisah and Indonesia’s rising star Billy Simpson. They are icons in their respective countries and the region.” As a composer and lyricist, he wishes to follow Faizal’s footsteps in writing and composing songs for fellow artistes, be they newcomers or established artistes. “These days, fans look up to musicians who are versatile. Thus, I’m determined to be a triple threat who writes, composes and sings. “In the long run, I hope to produce my own entertainment shows in Brunei, and promote some of my country’s best new talents.” –New Straits Times

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